There Are Billions of People in the World, But Only 365 Days in 1 Year so Only 365 People Will Own My1Day

My1Day is the only website where folks have the opportunity to have 1 full, 24 hour Day dedicated to them. Where many people will bid on My1Day to make it their own, but only 1 will obtain it. There are billions of people in the world, but only 365 days in 1 year so only 365 people will have My1Day. Just think, will they be outbid or win? Or maybe they will prefer to purchase My1Day outright and not haggle for it.

Clendenin, WV, December 25, 2013 --( At any given moment in time, a person can get a glimpse of taking control of their life and can imagine what the bigger picture could be like. Then in a flash, that image dissolves and they muddle through with the everyday tasks that lay before them. But what if for 1 day, a full 24 hours, the world can know about the dreams, wants, wishes, passions, hobbies and the bigger picture. Let the world know about one person, each day for 365 days. That is what My1Day is all about.

The opportunity to take control, to bid and win 1 Day in 2015 will become a reality in January 2014. Where will become a personal platform for 365 different people, each for 1 Day. The audience is the general public of the world, and where someone out there realizes that they also have the same dreams, wants and wishes. No, My1Day it is not a dating website, nor a cardboard cutout social media site. Those might get rude comments, mean responses or cruel reposts. My1Day is a safe-haven to let the world know about people and individuals.

Beginning next week, the year of 2015 will be open to bid upon by The goal of My1Day is to glimpse into peoples everyday life, one day at a time. This new platform that makes the unique footsteps each and every day is becoming a reality. Visit My1Day for more information.
Katherine Slack