Successful International Property Investor Launches Vinnie’s World and Invites Visitors to Discover How to Capitalize on Opportunities

Writer, Editor and Webmaster Vinnie Apicella compiles several years of experience as an international traveler and investor to create Vinnie’s World,, an online platform designed to inform viewers while promoting key investment opportunities in select emerging market locations.

Livingston, NJ, October 01, 2007 --( Pack Your Bags... You're Going Places. Writer, Editor and Webmaster Vinnie Apicella compiles years of experience as an international traveler and investor to create Vinnie’s World,, an online platform designed to inform viewers while promoting key investment opportunities in select emerging market locations.

Since discovering the pleasures of international travel and related investment opportunities, Vinnie has developed a Website based on personal experience and has built a network of knowledgeable on-location resources. The concept for Vinnie’s World began quite simply, according to Vinnie: “It all started with the idea of how I can get more for less? Everyone’s looking for a good deal. Since money has always been an object for me, where can I go to pursue affordable investment opportunities that could bring a greater potential for growth?” And the uncovering of these opportunities forms the foundation for this new online “World” that carries his moniker.

The mission of Vinnie’s World is to research property investing and business opportunities in emerging market locations, link buyers and sellers, share information, and build an investment property databank to promote and sell in those areas where they are present…one market at a time.

“China and Nicaragua are the cornerstones for our current activities, and offer a wealth of opportunities for travel, business and investment,” says Vinnie. “We’ll be following up in some prime Eastern European locations soon and as we extend into additional markets you'll learn about them on our site.”

One of their slogans is “Emerging Markets for Emerging Lifestyles,” which suggests that as the world grows smaller and more people are afforded the ability to travel and discover opportunities they may not realize at home, we can think outside the box on a more global level.

Vinnie follows: “Owning real estate was the American Dream. It still is for those who can afford it. While foreign real estate does possess a degree of risk, the potential for future reward can be greater. And that’s where we can help. We’ve done the research, made the connections, and in many cases, invested our own funds. So for any opportunities we present, our visitors can be sure that we’ve gone to great lengths to present and promote quality projects.”

Vinnie’s World is an ambitious project that features offerings based on the creator’s background as well. Having received his B.A. in the Columbia writing program and once employed as a researcher and editor for the likes of Forbes, Vinnie draws on a variety of experience that also provides for services in writing and Web design.

Vinnie adds: “At the onset, the idea was to take all of my skills and experiences and throw them out there to exemplify my work as a writer and editor, and then merge with my many international resources to round out our plan to research and market foreign properties and business opportunities.”

Visitors to Vinnie’s World will also find selections for a discussion forum, a blog and a still developing international marketplace. From the beginning the goal was to foster a sense of community where people can come together to discuss travel and investing, and share ideas and insights, not try to appeal specifically to a niche market. “Our aim is to appeal to as wide an audience as possible,” says Vinnie. “Who isn’t looking for something more? That’s what it all stems from. We think we’ve found some answers and by helping to connect buyers with sellers based on our own experience, we can be a quality resource for most anybody.”

China and Nicaragua head the list of locations on Vinnie’s World’s current promotions. Both qualify as emerging markets, yet the two are hardly comparable on the world scale.

“I couldn’t imagine my life without my connections to both places,” he says. “People thought I was crazy to even consider buying a house in China, where of course the government could confiscate it at the drop of a hat. And then with Nicaragua, it was all about the Sandinistas and what happened 20 years ago. As more and more people discover these locations, they’ll continue to rise in value. It’s all about timing. Where else in the world are you going to find property along the Pacific coast for maybe a quarter of what you’d pay in the States? Not in Costa Rica…not anymore. We’re featuring properties at Vinnie’s World that start as low as $40,000 with an ocean view.”

Vinnie’s World welcomes comments and suggestions and invites viewers to populate the discussion forum with questions and the exchange of information. For more details, please visit

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