Panama Tours Company Launches Its Highly Anticipated 2014 Panama Relocation Tours

Live for Less in Panama, the leading provider of the Panama Relocation Tours, announces its highly anticipated Panama tour schedule for 2014. Only 9 tours are available for the whole year with 12 seats per tour. The tours are all inclusive for 6 days/5 nights.

Dallas, TX, January 08, 2014 --( Live for Less in Panama is now on its third year of providing the very successful Panama Relocation Tours. The much anticipated 2014 tour schedule is now available on the company’s official website. All Panama tours for 2014 are all inclusive for 6 days/5 nights. The tours’ new features include a taxi ride from Boquete Panama to David airport plus airfare to Albrook airport in Panama City.

Jackie Lange, the owner and general manager of the Panama Relocation Tours, says that only 9 tours are available for 2014. “We will be conducting our first tour for 2014 on January 18 to 23, which is already sold out. The other 8 Panama tours will then be conducted once every month starting in February and ending in December. Presently, there are no tours planned for the months of October and November. Visit our site to view the complete schedule of our tours and also to check out the available seats,” Jackie adds further.

The Panama Relocation Tours are indeed highly anticipated because as early as now, seats for the January, March and April tours are already sold out, and there are only 2 remaining seats for the tour on February 22 to 27. According to Jackie, spots go fast so she encourages signing up early to ensure a spot on the tour.

The Panama Relocation Tours are designed for people planning to retire or migrate to Panama. While participants will get to visit popular tourist destinations, the main focus of the tour is to show the kind of lifestyle that awaits retirees in Panama. Participants will meet people to prepare for their eventual move to Panama. They will have meetings with an attorney and various expats who are already living in Panama. The Panama Relocation Tours offer venues for interaction and socialization with these people, so participants can ask questions and find answers about life in Panama.

The places to be visited by the Panama Relocation Tours include bustling Panama City, the beach town of Coronado, the mountain town of El Valle, the western province of Chiriqui, popular retirement town Boquete, the city of David, and many more. In each town or city that the tour visits, hospitals, residential areas, grocery stores, drug stores, clinics, banks, shopping malls, and markets among others will be visited. The goal of the Panama tours is to provide a clear and objective view of life in Panama.

Dr. R. and C. Jacobs thank Jackie Lange for the Panama Relocation Tours last August, 2013. “It was so nice and convenient to tour with you as you had every detail pre-arranged to make the tour effortless and stress free for us. The restaurants, hotels, transportation, and a plethora of information were so helpful and wonderful!”

The Panama Relocation Tours are Panama tours designed for relocation and retirement planning to Panama. The 2014 tour itinerary is now available on the company’s official website. For information, visit or call Jackie Lange at (972) 496-6032.

About the Panama Relocation Tours

The Panama Relocation Tours are tours specially designed for people who are considering living in Panama. Live for Less in Panama is the company that handles these tours, owned and managed by Jackie Lange, who has made the move to Panama herself in 2011. The tours are focused in showing the real Panamanian lifestyle available to retirees. The different tour packages include ground transportation, lodging and meals during the official tour.
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