Paradise Roasters’ Panama Esmerelda Gains Highest Rating Ever Awarded at CoffeeCuppers.Com

Having already climbed to the top of the ratings scale on CoffeeReview.Com, Paradise Roasters’ achieves ratings excellence on the industry’s other respected coffee ratings service, CoffeeCuppers.Com

Ramsey, MN, September 26, 2007 --( A major success story has emerged at the headquarters of Paradise Roasters, a boutique gourmet coffee roaster just outside of Minneapolis, MN. Having already obtained the two highest scores ever awarded by another respected coffee review site, Paradise Roasters has now scaled the heights of CoffeeCuppers.Com, the brainchild of Bob Yellin and Jim Schulman, is the industry’s other highly regarded and respected independent coffee review site. The achievement by Paradise Roasters constitutes a “clean sweep” and a unique record of coffee roasting excellence untouched by other roasters of any size.

When asked to comment on Paradise Roasters and Roastmaster R. Miguel Meza, Bob Yellin responded, “I think the Meza Family and Paradise Roasters are upcoming stars in the micro-roasting world. They seem to have an uncanny way of picking great coffees and then roasting to get the most out of them. Also, under the wing of Roastmaster R. Miguel Meza, a person he trained, right out of the box, made it to the finals of the U.S. Barista Championship this year, beating out over 40 others. That's quite an accomplishment.”

Coffeecuppers.Com reviewed Meza’s San Jose Ocaña - Cup of Excellence Winner #2, - Panama Carmen Estate 1750 Reserve, - Panama Esmeralda Especial and the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido Teramad, with the Panama Esmeralda gaining the highest review rating ever awarded on the site. The Panama impressed Bob Yellin to write, “A dilemma; what new superlatives can one find for a coffee so good and so well documented as is this one? This coffee is close to perfection. It has everything; soaring fragrances, the complex flavors of many types of fruit, a chocolaty under-belly, perfectly balanced acidity, a super-long finish...on and on...Even yesterday, ten days after roasting this coffee, with no special storage methods (just sitting in a plastic sandwich bag in a drawer), the cappuccino I drank was an absolute dream. All I can say is, wow.”

Jim Schulman also was extremely pleased with the Paradise Roasters’ Esmeralda; “I've been lucky enough to have tasted the Esmeralda each year since it came out. The first year was all apricot and chocolate, something close to a perfect Mocha Haimi. The subsequent years it reminded me of a powerful Yrgacheffe, with more citrus and cinnamon oriented flavors. This year it doesn't remind me of coffee at all; it's really a lot more like diving head first into a swimming pool filled with mixed fruits. There's perhaps a twist of citrus, especially when it cools, but mostly its mangos, peaches, and honeydew melon. Even the roast taste is all floral honey, with no hint of anything darker. There is nothing complicated or cerebral about this cup; it may be the most exuberant, purely sensual coffee I've ever had.”

A unique feature of CoffeeCuppers.Com is that they receive their beans “green” from the vendors and roast them internally to different roast levels. Most of Paradise Roasters’ beans are available green from the firm, enabling home roasters to taste the succulent variety of flavors uncovered by Roastmaster R. Miguel Meza.

When asked about his secrets for consistently beating all the Industry Giants on the coffee review sites, Miguel responded, “There is no secret save for scouring the world’s smaller farms overlooked by many coffee insiders and finding the very finest coffee beans available.” Miguel added, “Be on the lookout for a new Club we are creating called First Crack that will give coffee lovers a chance to try beans so rare and unique that they’ve never been offered for sale to the public.”

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