Canadian Counselling Leaders The Family Enhancement Centre Announce New Niagara Falls Location

Brampton, Ontario-based mental health agency, The Family Enhancement Centre, has recently announced the opening of a new location in Niagara Falls.

Brampton, Canada, January 09, 2014 --( The expansion of the counselling organization to Niagara Falls will help fill gaps in services across the region and enable their specialists to provide the benefit of their expertise to those across the Niagara region with specific mental health needs.

As we begin 2014, many Canadians are suffering from over-exertion at work and issues at home that are having a significantly negative impact on their on-going mental health. Without expert help, these problems can become exacerbated over time. Therefore, it’s imperative that those who require professional counselling have access to expertise within their area and that’s why The Family Enhancement Centre has continued their organizational expansion by opening offices in Niagara Falls.

As part of The Family Enhancement Centre’s work with clients, they offer a number of counselling services designed to ensure children, youth, individuals and couples resolve persistent challenges. An example of their specialist work is their trauma counselling services, now available at their Brampton and Niagara Falls offices. This service is designed to help those who have suffered significant trauma, such as car accidents, victims of crime or physical/sexual abuse which may have left them with lasting symptoms such as PTSD. The Family Enhancement Centre is the ideal choice of specialist because their counsellors have the proven ability to help clients overcome panic attacks, reduce their fears, take control of their anxiety and gain inner confidence. One of the advantages of the company’s services is their ability to get services covered by car insurance providers, the Ministry or private health insurance plans. This means that clients can begin the recovery process without concern for the financial cost of expert mental health treatment.

Working with one of the leaders in Canadian mental health care can ensure freedom from anxiety and stress in the long-term. Clients may contact the team at The Family Enhancement Centre directly to learn more about the company and the services offered through their new location in Niagara Falls. Alternatively, please visit for more details on the organization, its history and its future objectives.
The Family Enhancement Centre
Dawn Griffith