BFMC Gold Mines Announces Its First Test Hole Results

Coeur d Alene, ID, January 10, 2014 --( B4MC Gold Mines, Inc. (ticker symbol: BFMC) is pleased to announce that during three days of testing in early December at its Quartz Creek property in Montana, it successfully recovered and weighed 7.85 troy ounces of placer gold from approximately 254 yards of gravels which were removed from three test sites. The gold tested at 97.5% purity, consistent with purity and historical values for the area. The test yielded approximately $38.00 per yard of gravel, based at the current market price of gold at $1,240.00 per ounce. The $38.00 per yard yield is a gross number and does not consider any costs, such as recovery or operational costs.

Mr. Shannon Anderson, President and CEO of B4MC Gold Mines, stated, "We are very excited about our late fourth quarter test results and look forward to implementing the company’s business plan to drive significant production growth in 2014. We also seek to acquire additional acreage adjacent to our Quartz Creek property that would significantly increase the companies mineral reserves based on the historical data for the region."

B4MC Gold Mines is operated by a fifth generation miner that dates back to the late 1890’s dedicated to preserving the family legacy and growing the business for future generations.
B4MC Gold Mines, Inc
Don Spivey