Reasons Behind Galapagos Being the Best South American Travel Destination Revealed

Nikolay Mancheno, Propietario at Nature Galapagos & Ecuador, leading tour agency in Quito talks about 4 major reasons why The Galapagos Islands are considered best among all the exotic travel destinations in South American Continent.

Quito, Ecuador, January 12, 2014 --( Archipielago de Colon commonly known as Galapagos Islands are a group of land masses scattered across either side of the Equator, in the world’s biggest water content i.e. the Pacific Ocean. These islands belong to the Republic of Ecuador, and are considered by UNESCO as a “Natural World Heritage Site,” which is a pretty big deal. These little blocks of land are considered to be some of the most attractive and magnificent places in the world today, and there are reasons for this consideration too.

Reason No.1
These islands strip are also known as a ‘living museum and showcase of evolution’ because of its geographical location. Which means, two ocean currents merging with each other makes it one of the richest aquatic environments on the planet. The marine life is so used to being around humans that they swim along with the divers, pose for the photographers.

Reason No.2
The constant geomorphological and geological progressions, comprised of small seismic movements, volcanic eruptions and erosions, give a chief clue about the birth of these islands. To the most part, there is no other place on earth that grants protection of such an inclusive gamut of geomorphological and geological characteristics.

Reason No.3
The islands are situated about a 1000 kilometers off coast Ecuador and have a total of 127 islets. In 1959 almost 97% of the area was declared as a national park, leaving only 3% for humans to live in, which is a very good thing because the place belongs to animals and not humans. Human beings are just visitors, who come to see the beauty of Mother Nature and its children in their natural environment.

The very significant reason:
As mentioned above the strip of islands has the richest marine life in the world. The series of volcanic and seismic activities over years, including the isolation of the region has led to the rise of many remarkable animal and plant life. Lets take some examples like endemic tree, huge cacti, Flightless Cormorants, Aquatic Iguanas, variety of Finches and Mockingbirds, Giant Galapagos Tortoises and many other species. All of these living organisms inspired the man behind the great theory of Evolution, Mr. Charles Darwin, who visited this region somewhere around 1835.

At last, putting everything together, Nikolay said that the Galapagos Islands are extremely beautiful, they have wildlife and marine life that is not found elsewhere on the planet, they are the safest strip of Islets in the world, and they offer a bunch of activities for adventure lovers such as, scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, and men’s favorite pass time i.e. Fishing. You can get to the place by Airplanes and Cruises from West Coast Ecuador. You can also choose from various options for cruises and boats to get around the region and travel between the islands. What better place can a person think of going on a vacation than the land called a “Living Museum and Showcase of Evolution?”
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Nikolay Mancheno