Magnum, PERC Develop Solar/Propane Jobsite Lighting

A solar-powered and propane-fueled light tower from Magnum Power Products and developed in cooperation with the Propane Education & Research Council now offers a greener, more efficient way to illuminate construction jobsites. Incentives and tax credits are available to assist contractors and rental firms with their purchases.

Washington, DC, January 15, 2014 --( There’s a greener, more efficient way to illuminate construction jobsites, thanks to a solar-powered and propane-fueled light tower from Magnum Power Products, developed in cooperation with the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC).

The Magnum MLT4000S Solar Hybrid Light Tower’s LP-fueled back-up generator keeps its batteries charged in all conditions, ensuring a safe, well-lit jobsite. Because the light tower does not consume diesel fuel, it’s less expensive to operate and produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

"Through PERC support, Magnum has created a truly green and fuel-efficient alternative to diesel-fueled light towers on the jobsite,” Bridget Kidd, PERC’s director of residential and commercial programs, said. “Because the MLT4000S combines solar power with a backup system using clean-burning, American-made propane, it’s also a more a cost-effective way for contractors to integrate sustainable practices into their operations.”

Unlike diesel, propane does not degrade over time, reducing fuel-related performance problems. Propane also emits fewer carbon dioxide emissions and toxic pollutants than diesel, improving air quality and worker safety on the jobsite. Finally, propane fuel costs less than diesel, improving contractor profit margins.

During the day, a solar-panel array charges the light tower’s batteries for nighttime operation. If cloudy or inclement weather prevents the batteries from fully charging, a propane-fueled, air-cooled Generac generator turns on automatically and recharges the batteries until the solar panels can take over.

The MLT4000S is durable, reliable, easy to use, and requires only minimal maintenance — making it ideal for both the construction business and the rental market, according to Dave McAllister, vice president of business development at Magnum.

“Whether diesel fuel is difficult to come by at a particular jobsite, or users simply require a light tower that can automatically operate for several weeks, the MLT4000S is now an option,” McAllister said. “It’s a tough, reliable workhorse on the jobsite, which makes it a smart purchase for construction professionals, and its durability also makes it a great choice for the rental market.”

A dependable light source is crucial to nighttime operations, ensuring worker safety and helping builders, road construction crews, and other contractors complete projects on time and on budget, McAllister noted. And, because the light tower runs on solar and propane energy, it produces fewer emissions and less noise — very important when rental customers use the unit at nighttime concerts or sporting events, for example.

Adding to its reliability, the MLT4000S’s rugged LED light fixtures boast a lifespan five times that of traditional metal halide bulbs, providing more than 50,000 hours of illumination. The bulbs are serviceable with readily available components and an industry-standard LED-chip platform.

PERC is offering buyers a $3,500 incentive to purchase the MLT4000S through its Propane Heat & Power Incentive Program. This program is designed to encourage construction professionals, homeowners, and businesses to adopt new propane-fueled products for residential and commercial use. Learn more at

Also, thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, buyers of the MLT4000S can qualify for a federal business energy investment tax credit of 30 percent, making the solar hybrid light tower even more affordable. For more information on this credit, visit
Propane Education & Research Council
Lynette Von Minden, Swanson Russell