Celerant Technology Expands POS Functionality to Include Range Management and Class Scheduling for Firearms Retailers

The leader in firearm retail sales management software introduces enhanced CRM functionality into its new browser based platform.

Las Vegas, NV, January 16, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Celerant Technology today announced range lane management, class and training course scheduling, enhanced membership management functionality, and vendor catalog integrations with several of the top sporting goods distributors, all included within Status Retail, the next generation of its heavily lauded Command platform. These progressive enhancements were launched at the NSSF SHOT Show, the largest trade show for firearms, ammunition, outdoor and law enforcement equipment and related products.

This exciting new functionality will allow firearms retailers to easily create training classes and assign customers to specific sessions, while also tracking which courses have been completed. Additionally, retailers can schedule, assign and view usage for firing range lanes, define waivers and also manage club memberships for customers, including billing and email campaigns. The new vendor catalog integrations, including Sports South and AcuSport, enable firearm dealers to stay up-to-date with product details, without having to enter information manually.

Stratus Retail retains and expands all of the functionality that firearm retailers have come to rely on in the Command platform for the past 7 years, including enhanced serial number tracking, background check information, and ATF compliant registration data. New browser based accessibility gives retailers access to a more secure database using any internet enabled device, freeing them to engage in business operations from remote locations.

“Firearms retailing is a dynamic sector with an evolving and complex web of legal regulations and requirements that carry stiff penalties for non-compliance,” said Celerant Technology CEO Ian Goldman. “Celerant is a name these retailers know they can trust to simplify the paperwork and record keeping required of them. While staying within the ATF’s requirements, expanding our functionality to help them better serve customers through offering class and range scheduling solutions is a natural step to providing a singular and complete software solution for these retailers.”

Working directly with with firearm merchants, this specialized version of Stratus Retail was developed to specifically address the unique needs and requirements of firearms retailers and ranges. Stratus Retail’s revolutionary mobile management and secure remote data storage follow the innovative path of Celerant Command, which opened the door to omnichannel sales in this sector. The new customer facing functionality of course management, range scheduling and and club memberships makes Stratus Retail users even more competitive in their marketplace.

“At Celerant, we have always worked to simplify operations for firearms retailers, but improving the customer experience is also a vital piece of performance and competition,” added Goldman. “The front-end and back-end of firearm sales are equally important, and Stratus Retail users will have the best tools to maximize both of these operational and marketing efforts.”

Stratus Retail is a fully customizable and scalable retail management solution that can be tailored to fit the needs of any small to mid-sized firearms retailer. Incorporating compliance with federal and state firearms regulations, the platform is updated to ensure continued compliance with new laws and required procedures.

About Celerant Technology:

Celerant Technology is a retail technology provider offering unparalleled and seamless multi-channel integration to retailers across all industries. Since 1999, Celerant has consistently accelerated business growth and efficiency through unique innovations such as: POS, inventory management, data warehousing/ mining, integrated ecommerce, mobile applications and back office - to name a few. With an open and collaborative environment, the company focuses on each retailer’s specific integration needs to form genuine, enduring partnerships. As a mid-market retail system leader, Celerant provides solutions and expert advice to continually accelerate retail growth. A multifaceted award winning company, Celerant prides itself in the quality of its products, the capacity of its service, and remains the true multi-channel software provider. For more information regarding Celerant Technology and products like Command Retail and RetailStar, go to www.celerant.com
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