Expands Lighting Section with New Christmas Lights

College dorm supplies superstore has expanded its section of lighting for dorms by adding a variety of new strings lights and Christmas lights for college students.

Buffalo, NY, January 16, 2014 --( Christmas lights, no matter the time of the year, have long been popular college decorations that provide additional lighting for college dorms. Since seeks to supply anything and everything needed for dorm life, these popular dorm items were, however, not included in DormCo’s inventory. To change that, DormCo recently added a selection of more than 50 various strings lights to decorate college dorms. Christmas lights make for fun, colorful college wall decorations, and since they’re cheap dorm supplies, they’re already proving popular on DormCo’s site, according to DormCo’s sales.

While desk lamps and floor lamps for dorms are commonly thought of when thinking of college dorm lighting products, DormCo recognized the need to diversify with its lighting for dorms. While primarily decorative, strings lights have long been used by college students to add fun, creative and colorful lighting for students’ dorms. They can be easily placed on dorm walls or even strung across ceilings, over window frames and on other parts of a dorm room. And since they’re inexpensive dorm accessories, they’re even more popular amid college students. For these reasons, including them as part of DormCo’s supplies made them a natural fit.

Amid the mini lights that DormCo now offers, it carries a selection of green-string or white-string mini lights in colors such as red, yellow, amber, green, teal and clear. DormCo encourages students to decorate with their school colors or to simply choose their favorite colors. College shoppers also have the option of choosing which size they’d like for their string lights. They’re available in 20-bulb strands up to 100-bulb strands in most colors. Students can string the perimeter of their dorm room if they choose, or can light up a single, smaller section.

DormCo has also added some C7-sized Christmas light bulbs to its new lineup of holiday lighting. These dorm lights are larger than mini lights, as the bulbs are the size of nightlight bulbs, and must also be screwed into a socket cord. But for the dorm shopper looking for a brighter and even more eye-catching display for their dorm wall decorations, these C7 lights will be the dorm lighting product of choice. The bulbs also have more options as far as their styles; they come in transparent bulbs, retro-looking opaque bulbs, and bulbs that twinkle on and off.

Students also have the option to connect multiple sets of these Christmas lights, expanding their ability to make unique and different decorations for their dorms. And since they’re lighting products for dorms, after all, the lights can also serve as nightlights or even to provide additional lighting for studying. DormCo’s Christmas lights have incandescent bulbs, which burn for up to 3,000 hours.

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Keith Gillogly