Stacey Corbett Launches USA Mobile Drug Testing of Greater Brockton, MA

Greater Brockton, MA, January 16, 2014 --( Stacey Corbett has launched USA Mobile Drug Testing of Greater Brockton to provide onsite mobile drug testing services for employers in Norfolk, Plymouth, and North Bristol counties.

“After seeing the devastating effects of drug abuse in my own community, which has touched nearly everyone in one way or another, I wanted to become part of the solution. USAMDT was an obvious choice because it allowed me to help people stay drug-free while helping businesses become safer and more productive. About 75 percent of illegal drug users are employed,” says Corbett. “We want employers to know there are ways to avoid hiring these types of people, as well as ways to help current employees who may be struggling with abuse. We want to prevent local business owners from becoming part of the $81 billion annually in lost productivity caused by employee drug abuse.”

USA Mobile Drug Testing of Greater Brockton is a local franchisee of USA Mobile Drug Testing, the only national mobile drug testing service, offering 24/7 onsite testing to save employers from wasted time and lost productivity.

“Any business faces a serious risk without an effective screening program,” she says. “And we encourage employers to consider implementing a comprehensive Drug Free Workplace.” She adds that employees with a substance abuse problem are more likely to change jobs frequently, be late or absent from work, involved in a workplace accident, or file a workers’ compensation claim. Small businesses are less likely to have substance abuse and screening programs so they are most likely to be an employer of choice for individuals with substance abuse issues.

“Our certified drug testing services, performed by compliance specialists, bring increased productivity, centralized record keeping and lower liability to our clients, no matter how many or how few employees they have,” says Corbett. “Our clients can be assured of complete compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements and other applicable regulations through our Compliance Data Information System.”

About USA Mobile Drug Testing:
USA Mobile Drug Testing of Greater Brockton provides mobile drug testing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information, you can call Stacey Corbett directly at 508-436-4404, or email her at
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