Pop Rocks® “Rocks” 2007 All Candy Expo with Innovative New Chocolate Bar

Cool New Chocolate Bar with a Kick Melts on Your Tongue Then Pops in Your Mouth Debuts at Top Industry Convention

Atlanta, GA, September 27, 2007 --(PR.com)-- All Candy Expo Booth #1021 – This year’s All Candy Expo focuses on the world’s most exciting new chocolates, and POP ROCKS® will top that list with the company’s debut of its eagerly anticipated POP ROCKS® Chocolate Bar.

The latest line extension to the company’s patented popping candy family of products, the POP ROCKS Chocolate Bar combines the crackling sensation that only POP ROCKS posses with ultra-rich, premium milk chocolate. This unique candy bar is made with double-milled, imported chocolate infused with generous swirls of the company’s delightfully sweet popping crystals mixed into the bar. The combination of the milk chocolate and fine popping candy produces a unique bouquet of taste sensations that extends the flavor of the bar in a way adults will find luxuriant and children will find delightful. Available as a single bar, or a two-piece mega bar at the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices of $0.59 - $0.69 cents for the single bar and $0.99 - $1.19 for the mega bar beginning in October.

Other new POP ROCKS products making their debut at the Expo include:

· POP ROCKS Topping, representing POP ROCKS first move out of the candy aisle, is the perfect way to add fun and excitement to desserts. POP ROCKS Topping is the entertaining new way to enjoy your ice creams, yogurts, cakes, most any other desert, and even cereal. Featuring oversized pieces of POP ROCKS covered in rich milk chocolate that melt in your mouth, and then deliver the sensational, the topping that pops delivers an always yummy popping candy explosion experience. POP ROCKS Topping will be available nationwide beginning this October at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $2.99 - $3.19

· POP ROCKS Retro Tin, the third release in POP ROCKS’ collectible designer tin series features a groovy new tin, with far out 1970s graphics. These limited edition tins contain a variety of POP ROCKS fun size packages. The new POP ROCKS Retro Tin will be available in Q4 at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $2.99.

· POP ROCKS Double Heart Tin, featuring fun size pouches of delicious watermelon, and strawberry POP ROCKS, this decorative Double Heart Tin, can also be used as a cool bank for loose change. The POP ROCKS Double Heart Tin will be available wherever candy is sold in time for Valentines Day 2008 at the MSRP of $2.99.

The company also announced that in 2008, POP ROCKS will introduce an exciting new consumer promotion, Get Your Original POP ROCKS Backpack. As part of the promotion, specially marked packs of POP ROCKS will offer consumers the opportunity to mail in for a free POP ROCKS Backpack under the conditions indicated in the packaging.

First introduced in 1976 as a cherry flavored candy, POP ROCKS are now available in a variety of everyday and seasonal flavors. The current products in the line being showcased at the All Candy Expo includes the new POP ROCKS Chocolate Bar along with the POP ROCKS Topping, plus all time favorites Watermelon, Strawberry, Tropical, and POP ROCKS Bubble Gum, a POP ROCKS and chewing gum combination.

Additionally, on view will be its popular seasonal items including its Halloween favorites, POP ROCKS Pumpkin Patch Orange and POP ROCKS Assorted Flavor Trick or Treat Bag, the popular POP ROCKS Cupid’s Valentine Card & Candy laydown bag featuring 24 mini packs of POP ROCKS and Valentine’s Day cards, and its yummy Christmas treat POP ROCKS Candy Cane – a merry mix of POP ROCKS and candy cane pieces.

Other line extensions being featured at the Expo include POP ROCKS Dips, a lollipop and supply of POP ROCKS to create a wild explosion with every lick. POP ROCKS Dips are available in Sour Apple, Sour Strawberry, and Sour Blue Raspberry. POP ROCKS On A Roll, includes a fruit roll and POP ROCKS for creating your very own candy sensation. POP ROCKS also introduced its Build Your Own Skeleton collection of hard candy lollipops earlier this year. This truly innovative new concept in lollipops comes in a strawberry swirl flavor with lollipop sticks shaped like skeleton bones! These unique treats are available in seven different individually wrapped collectible bone styles that snap together into a free-standing 20 inch skeleton play figure. The perfect Halloween treat, Build Your Own Skeleton Pops are available now wherever novelty candy is sold in individual lollipop units and lay down bags containing 7 individual units (one of each skeleton bone to build a complete model) at the manufacturers suggested retail prices of $.99 and $5.99 respectively.

Tom Dugan
(212) 465-1290