FlexSim Healthcare 4.3.2 Released: Better Memory Support

Minor release of industry-leading healthcare process improvement software adds new features and several important bug fixes.

Orem, UT, January 29, 2014 --(PR.com)-- FlexSim Software Products has announced the official release of FlexSim Healthcare (HC) 4.3.2, which adds support for customization as well as several important bug fixes.

FlexSim HC now supports large memory addresses in 32-bit systems, an essential feature for small simulation models as well as large or complex models.

“This is a very important release for all users,” said Cliff King, project manager over FlexSim HC. “It allows FlexSim Healthcare to fully utilize the memory available in 32-bit systems, which is very helpful for large models.”

Support has been added for the FlexSim web interface, which gives users the ability to create custom interfaces using web-based scripting languages. Patchfile functionality has also been improved, further increasing the customization potential of FlexSim HC.

Other notable bug fixes include a general cleanup of syntax errors and warnings in picklist options, reporting of the Patient Distance Traveled measure, and improvements to the “By Label Value” picklist option.

FlexSim 4.3.2 is available for download immediately at www.flexsim.com.

FlexSim Software Products is an industry leader in process simulation software. The company is committed to developing software products that help consumers analyze and optimize their existing systems, saving time and money and reducing risk. FlexSim Healthcare (HC) represents the best simulation package available to healthcare providers today.
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Markus Cueva