Major Pipette Distributor Announces New Promotions on Eppendorf, CAPP, and Accupet Micropipettes, major distributor of liquid handling products, has announced promotions on micropipettes including Eppendorf Research Plus Starter Kits, CAPP Bravo and Accupet Pro. This promotion on micropipettes will benefit novice or experience lab technicians doing basic or more complex lines of work.

San Diego, CA, January 31, 2014 --( Since 1996,, major pipette distributor, has been providing their customers with the best pricing on top-quality pipettes, pipette tips, lab equipment, and calibration service. Their current Eppendorf Research Plus Starter Kits, CAPP Bravo, and Accupet Pro promotions on micropipettes will benefit labs working with basic and/or delicate work.

With over 60 years of experience, Eppendorf is the market leader in pipette manufacturing. Their products are synonymous with quality and performance, Eppendorf Research Plus micropipettes are ultra-light and meet the highest needs in accuracy and precision; perfect for the more experienced technician working with rare and expensive samples. CAPP Bravo is fully autoclavable, comes with a 3 year warranty, and is 11% lighter in weight compared to other pipettes. This makes the CAPP Bravo an ideal fit for a moderately experienced technician who is pipetting many hours at a time. The Accupet Pro micropipettes are comfortably designed and can be easily adjusted; they makes an ideal introductory pipette for entry level technicians who are not experienced in pipetting. The promotion on micropipettes:

Eppendorf Research Plus Starter Kits:

- E221-START: 3 adjustable-volume pipettes (0.5–10µL, 10–100µL, 100–1,000µL), 1 box of Eppendorf pipette tips for each pipette volume, or
- E222-START: 3 variable pipettes (2-20µL, 20-200µL & 100-1000µL), 3 racks of Eppendorf pipette tips for each pipette volume

CAPP Bravo Buy 1 Get 1 Free, applicable for all volume sizes
Accupet Pro Buy 1 Get 1 Free, applicable for all volume sizes

This promotion on micropipettes will help labs stay within their budget while selecting pipettes that best fit their needs.

Offering over 20 major brands of pipettes from different manufactures like Eppendorf®, CAPP®, Accupet®, Sartorius Biohit®, BrandTech®, ThermoFisher® and Labnet®, provides high-quality pipettes, tips, lab equipment and calibration service that is tailored to each of their customers. With their extensive knowledge of the liquid handling industry, can find the best product for any lab experiment. This promotion on micropipettes will allow any lab from teaching labs to the more experienced labs to adequately and precisely gather results.

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