Nature Galapagos Invites Sightseers to Explore the Tren Crucero

Tren Crucero has recently won the Best Wider World Tourism Award for being an amazing tour idea that links Ecuador’s tropical landscapes to the World Heritage Site capital city Quito. NG&E – Leading tour operator in Quito explains what makes Tren Crucero so special.

Quito, Ecuador, February 06, 2014 --( Galapagos Islands have been one of the most popular tourist destinations across the world, with more than 60,000 tourists visiting the archipelago every year. Since tourism happens to be one of the most booming industries here, the government has to offer something unique every now and then. The latest addition into this chain of innovation is something like ‘old wine in new bottle’ since it features something that has almost become extinct in most parts of the world. To say it directly, it is the new Tren Crucero, which is also known as the cruise train or the train cruise, which is a completely new version of Ecuador train tours, which one can use to enjoy excellent views of the entire Andes ranges where the window screens changing from tropical coasts to mesmerizing cloud forests along with the terrains and mountains throughout the trip.

One might wonder how to avail this cruise train tour and what is the best possible package that might be accessed. This is where Nature Galapagos and Ecuador offers the best solution. With their excellent blend of Ecuador travel packages, one gets to visit the breathtaking views of the Andes Mountain range. As we all know the islands of Galapagos feature amazing wildlife; and planning a trip here includes indulging in exciting activities like scuba diving, jet skiing, surfing, Para-gliding, hiking etc. But with the Tren Crucero, you can witness the exquisite constructional structures of the colonial houses and churches in the Quito Historical center; meet the local people and get acquainted with their culture and enjoy the local delicacies. Each day is filled with a several miles of train travel and several hours discovering Ecuadorian secrets along the way.

Reasons why should one opt for Tren Crucero, offered by government of Ecuador, are varied. The experienced Ferrocarriles del Ecuador (Ecuador Railways Department) who arrange these tours always prioritize to ensure utmost comfort and enjoyment for the tourists. These Ecuador train tours starting from the capital city of Quito, reach the coastal region of Guayaquil travelling through beautiful landscapes. It is really exciting to travel 280 miles through stunning scenic beauty, ascending to 3600 meters, wherein one will get to witness more than 10 volcanoes that are more than 12,000 feet high.

The most special thing about Tren Crucero is its style. Being the treasure of authentic historical design, with strictly four coaches and being pulled by steam and diesel locomotives, Tren Crucero offers an unmatched colonial charm to its passengers. What’s more, these trains have been perfectly restored to ensure the maximum level of safety and comfort for the passengers. The Tren Crucero package by Nature Galapagos and Ecuador also includes all types of meals of each sector, bilingual guide and security services, stay at some selected hotels, the road tours and trips, and a visit to major cultural and natural attractions. No wonder why this Luxurious Train Cruise package finds many takers.

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