Brother and Sister Team Introduce the Future of Cloud

Pixeom makes smart cloud devices that unite to form a member-owned Personal Exchange Network for collaboration, communication and commerce.

Mountain View, CA, February 08, 2014 --( Sam and Karishma Nagar, the co-founders of Pixeom – a network of personal cloud devices, prove that security breaches, downtime, and privacy concerns will soon be a thing of the past.

Sam and Karishma Nagar, brother and sister co-founders of Pixeom, have debuted their solution to widespread cloud security concerns – the new Pixeom Exchange Network, powered by their personal cloud device, the Pixeom X1. Pixeom is not only the first to put multiple cloud services in a box, but also the first to connect them together globally, forming a growing network of users and content, eliminating the need to sell personal data or charge subscription fees in order to stay online via a datacenter.

“With all the news about Snapchat, Target, Dropbox, and the NSA floating around, people are starting to see the real consequences of trusting their data with someone else. Datacenters have become treasure troves of personal information that are regularly targeted by hackers, or turned over on a whim to anyone with a badge that who asks for it,” said Sam Nagar, CEO of Pixeom.

Sam, a former engineer from Microsoft and Computer Engineering graduate of the University of Southern California, along with his sister Karishma, a senior at USC studying Industrial Engineering, saw a need for a solution that provides the control and ownership of a private storage device, but also the convenience and utility of public cloud services like Dropbox, Box, Shopify, or Facebook – all while preventing the large scale security breaches and downtime that continue to frustrate users.

“Pixeom is perfect for anyone who wants to start saving money with an all-in-one solution, that most of all, assures them their data is safe,” Nagar continued.

The Pixeom difference:

1. The Apps: All of your cloud services in a box for a small one-time cost, with a focus on privacy. Pixeom does more than just file storage, allowing users to comment, synchronize, and version data, as well as collaborate on discussion boards and host interactive storefronts.

2. The Hardware: A scalable device that continues to grow as one large storage pool instead of multiple "islands" of user data. Data is protected in real-time instead of through snapshots for back-up. Encryption for the data is fully customizable by the user allowing for maximum security.

3. The Network: An optional exchange network of Pixeom devices all over the globe that anyone can browse for free, full of public content from everyone's devices that can grow naturally to rival the large datacenter based public networks.

Pixeom launched a Kickstarter campaign on January 7th to distribute the Pixeom X1 device, and having met their initial funding goal, they are currently focusing “stretch goals,” that will enable them to include features such as voicemails or conferencing abilities, positioning them to be among the select few other startups to launch successfully via crowdfunding.

About Pixeom:

Founded in September 2013, Pixeom, LLC is the creator of the Pixeom Personal Exchange Network that allows individual and small business users to store, share and access content from anywhere through a small personal cloud device, called the Pixeom X1. Members of the Personal Exchange Network can collaborate with other members through the Club Exchange, and build virtual storefronts using the Market Exchange. The Pixeom X1 is currently available via the Pixeom Kickstarter campaign page. For more information, please visit

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