Get It Right with a Master Plumber

Brisbane, Australia, September 29, 2007 --( The Master Plumbers Association of Queensland (MPAQ) says that home owners should only engage a Master Plumber if they want to guarantee a successful outcome.

MPAQ President Bob Kimlin says there’s too much that can be affected if homeowners don’t use a qualified licensed plumber.

“Plumbing work on your property can affect the health of your family and the environment so it pays to use someone you can trust.

“Our members are reliable contractors who are kept up to date with the latest technology, plumbing standards and environmental issues through a program of ongoing professional development.

“When necessary, they can call on the expertise and full backing of the Association and are supported in achieving consistently high levels of Consumer Service.”

The public may sometimes be under the impression that a plumber just repairs tap washers and clears blocked drains, but in reality the scope of their work is much wider.

Among the many things they do is ensure that water is delivered at the required volume, pressure and temperature, waste is disposed of effectively and that dangerous cross connections are prevented.

They also install and repair gas and solar hot water systems, water saving devices, irrigation systems, pot-belly stoves and new bathrooms and kitchens.

Just as there are legal guidelines controlling the way plumbers do their work, there are also legal requirements controlling the products they install.

Mr Kimlin says “all plumbing fixtures and fittings must meet stringent manufacturing guidelines before they are approved for use in Australia. This is to ensure that they actually do what they promise to do without causing harm.

“It is ironic that while it is not illegal to sell a product that has not been approved or does not comply with the standards, it is illegal to install it”.

MPAQ members have also been specially trained to advise on efficient water usage. They can perform a water audit and identify where and how water can be saved.

Master Plumbers Association of Queensland
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