BuzzTarget Releases a WordPress Plugin

Commercial Real Estate Professionals: Save time, hassles and ensure accurate listings with new WordPress plugin for BuzzTarget.

Hollis, NE, February 15, 2014 --( Commercial Real Estate agents, brokers and other professionals can now use a simple new WordPress plugin to synch their property listings on BuzzTarget with listings on their websites— providing the quickest, most fool-proof way to keep all listings accurate and up-to-date.

The plug-in also automatically adds new contacts to your BuzzTarget contact base whenever visitors sign up on your website. This eliminates the need to manually add new names and email addresses to your BuzzTarget account because it’s all done instantly. And, as always, client contact data is 100% confidential and only accessible to the account holder.

BuzzTarget CEO Albert Aranbaev says, “We are always asking ourselves how to make processes more efficient and user friendly for our clients. We know that it’s a big hassle for commercial real estate professionals have to remember to make the same property updates and additions on their website and on BuzzTarget. Having to make changes in both places also leaves room for mistakes. And the more listings you have, the bigger the headache it is.

“This new plugin streamlines the process and ensures consistency,” Aranbaev explains. “You update your BuzzTarget listings and they are simultaneously updated on your website. The same goes for new contacts who sign up on a client’s website; they are now automatically added to their BuzzTarget email list, saving time and trouble and ensuring client data is always up-to-date. It grows your lists organically which is a best practice in marketing.”

Aranbaev stresses that BuzzTarget’s client databases are private and the sole property of each account holder. “Rest assured all client information is safe and secure and inaccessible to anyone else.”

Using the new plugin can also be a money-saver. Aranbaev says, “Many professionals like those at FCMRE hire people to build their property pages, keeping the price, photos and listings all up to date. This new plugin helps clients manage their listings all from one place, possibly eliminating the need for additional help and cutting down payroll costs a bit.”

Even those who are not technologically inclined will have no trouble using this WordPress plugin to upgrade their BuzzTarget experience. Simply download it here and follow the prompts.

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