New Leadership Development Training "That Fits the Blackberry-Attention-Span"

Recalibrate Professional Development announces executive-level leadership development training that provides a power-packed 1 to 4 hour session. Perfect for sales meetings, executive retreats, manager's meeting, or through a Train-the-Trainer program, the content provides revolutionary breakthroughs for behavioral change and motivation. It is leadership development that fits the “Blackberry-Attention-Span” by recalibrating professional behaviors toward better results.

Atlanta, GA, October 03, 2007 --( Recalibrate Professional Development has changed the landscape on how to change professional leadership behaviors. In the past, corporate training, or executive-level leadership development, happened in a long and drawn out format that was essentially a "data-dump" from a PhD or other intellectually removed trainer who didn't have to deploy what was just professed. With the new "Leadership PowerLab", Recalibrate is able to get to the essence of pure influence and convey it in a very short format that is easy to digest for busy working professionals. The key is individual involvement from the start, and continuing with personal examples that engage each person as individuals.

This is "soft-skills" training that is very hard-hitting and highly functional in its approach to real results. It has been called "the best kick-in-the-face training I have ever seen" by a top executive with a lot of experience in leadership development classes. The fast, hard-hitting and powerful approach is, what the industry calls, very "sticky" because of its long-lasting impact.

The Leadership PowerLabs are available for professional teams of executives or managers from corporate, non-profit, or government organizations in short sessions. They last from 1 to 4 hours and are custom tailored for each group.

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