Above & Beyond Sewing and Vacuum Announces New Sew Supplies Currently in Stock for February

Aurora, CO, February 22, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Above & Beyond Sewing and Vacuum, one of the leading sewing supplies dealers in Aurora, Parker, Centennial and Englewood Colorado recently announced the arrival of its new February collection of fabrics and sewing patterns.

This was welcome news for sewing aficionados in Aurora, Parker, Centennial and Englewood who are in the peak of their winter sewing projects and are looking for new fabrics to include in their projects. “This new line of fabrics should be popular among our customers who have been planning their projects since last fall,” said Kate McMillan, Co-Owner of Above & Beyond. “Our sewers are passionate about their projects and discerning in the materials they use. These new fabric additions make us one of the largest sewing supplies companies in Colorado.”

The new collection of fabrics boasts the spirit of Valentine’s Day and is aptly named ‘Art to Heart’ playing on the essence of February as the month of love. The new fabric collection captures the spirit of February and Above & Beyond couldn’t resist the chance to tie its new fabrics into the special occasion.

The fabric line, however, not only features the stereotypical colors of the month but also actually is available in an array of 32 spectacular colors. In addition to the introduction of this highly anticipated fabric line, Above & Beyond Sewing and Vacuum will also be providing a 15% introductory discount to first time buyers.

The discounts are provided in order to appeal to new customers who have been thinking of taking up sewing in the Parker, Aurora and Centennial areas.

“We want to bring sewing back into the community. It’s a tradition and skill that we feel should be preserved lest it be lost to younger generations. We want to continue to attract people who have been thinking of taking up sewing as a hobby, but never really had an incentive to do so before.”

In addition to the introductory discount, Above and beyond Sewing and Vacuum will also be providing consumer rebates on certain sewing machine brands. These rebates range from $100 to $400 off of select models.

The Art to Heart collection was unveiled on the first day of February and has already seen success in the first few days of its introduction.

"The response is beyond what we expected in the first week," McMillan said. “We often underestimate the enthusiasm that sewers have for quality fabrics that make really great products.”

The fabric is especially popular among seasoned sewers who know quality fabric and the fact that quality fabrics make projects easier and better looking end products. These sewing enthusiasts have been making use of the sewing supplies and fabrics in quilting, clothing, bags and other projects from Above & Beyond since the stores opened in 2005.

In addition to the fabric, both Above & Beyond stores have introduced other new sewing supplies. This includes pattern books to provide new ideas to sewers who have done so much in their sewing careers. For the high-tech inclined, patterns are also available electronically on disks that can interface with certain newer machines. Sewing classes are also provided every week for novice to seasoned sewers to provide a community of learning in a social environment.

McMillan urges customers to not delay in visiting one of their stores. “We are pleasantly surprised by the success of this new fabric line and our new pattern selections. This is why we are urging our customers to make an early visit. Some of our more popular new products and designs are already running low in demand for Valentine’s Day.”

About Above and Beyond Sewing and Vacuum
One of the leading sewing supply shops in the Aurora, Parker and Centennial areas, Above & Beyond Sewing and Vacuum has more than 75 years of collective experience. Above & Beyond has been providing custom and personalized care to its customers in two locations since 2005. In addition to sewing equipment, Above & Beyond Sewing and Vacuum also deals in the sale of vacuum equipment, carrying popular brands such as Dyson and Miele. They also provide sewing classes from kid’s craft to novice and advanced sewing and quilting techniques. Both ABSV stores have a huge following of passionate sewers who are discerning in their sewing supplies, but loyal to their brands.

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