Women Who Run It Introduces Money Mondays

Women Who Run It is excited to introduce a new weekly issue entitled Money Mondays.

Toronto, Canada, February 27, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Women Who Run It, the e-magazine for strong, empowered, driven women, knows how important being financially independent and knowledgeable is to it’s readers. Money is not only a currency of dollars and cents but with it comes power, freedom and responsibility. Women Who Run It wants it’s readers to have all of the tools they need to become financially successful. That is why every Monday Women Who Run It will be publishing a financial issue entitled Money Mondays to keep it’s women in the know.

In this issue’s Feature Women Who Run It has brought back reader favourite Thomas Corley to give readers more priceless advice. In this week’s issue he is telling readers how to live like a millionaire. This doesn’t have to do with having a lavish lifestyle, instead these tips show readers how millionaires are able to keep their fortunes. Anyone can become a millionaire with these fail-free tips.

The Check It Out section of this issue of Women Who Run It has even more financial gold from Thomas Corley. He wrote an amazing book filled with the habits of the rich. Readers will get even more advice on how to live like a millionaire without breaking their bank. Instead, they’ll keep feeding their bank accounts until they too are millionaires.

All this in the next issue of Women Who Run It.

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