Eppendorf Multipette 4 Repeater Can Handle Viscous Liquids, Now Available at Major Pipette Distributor Pipette.com

Eppendorf Multipipette 4 Repeater is now available at Pipette.com. The Repeater will benefit any lab in need of a liquid handling product that can handle viscous liquids like sulfuric acid, acetone, glycerol and blood.

San Diego, CA, February 28, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Eppendorf Multipipette 4 Repeater is now available at Pipette.com, major pipette distributor. Lab technicians in clinical, chemistry and biology labs who are pipetting viscous liquids including, but not limited to, glycerin, blood, acetone, and ethanol, will benefit from the Eppendorf repeater because of its dependability and ergonomic build.

The Eppendorf Multipipette 4 Repeater is the only mechanical dispenser that dispenses liquid up to 100 times without refilling the pipette tip, saving labs hundreds of dollars in consumables. Furthermore, the Eppendorf Multipette 4 Repeater’s interior is made of polypropylene which makes it incredibly durable and reliable.

Eppendorf is a world leader in the manufacturing of pipettes, the Eppendorf Multipipette 4 Repeater continues that innovation with its high performance and ergonomic design. With the Eppendorf Multipipette 4 Repeater liquids are dispensed using positive displacement which ensures that the correct volume is always dispensed regardless of the density, viscosity and volatility of the liquid. Other benefits include:

- Volume range from 1 µL - 10 mL
- 20 different volume settings for every Combitip size
- Motion sensor that turns off the Repeater when it’s not in use
- Combitip sensor that automatically recognizes combitips and displays volume
- Step counter which displays the number of completed dispensing steps

Labs in search of a dependable and premium repeater should strongly consider the Eppendorf Multipette 4 Repeater for its robustness, durability, German engineering and solid performance.

Pipette.com has the largest pipette calibration facility on the West Coast, distributes over 20 brands of pipettes, 10 brand or tips and lab equipment. They provide industry standard and customized liquid handling solutions tailored for customers in the biotech, pharma, food & beverage, academia and laboratories worldwide. With over 18 years of experience, Pipette.com is the one-stop shop for the life science community.

Speed up your labs productivity and purchase an Eppendorf Multipette 4 Repeater at Pipette.com, today!

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