New Book, "3D Printing: Rise of the Third Industrial Revolution" by Aaron Council and Michael Petch

Written by Aaron Council (gyges3D) & Michael Petch (Black Dog Consulting) this excellent primer explores the impact of 3D printing on the political, social and economic landscape.

New York, NY, March 03, 2014 --( "3D Printing: Rise of the 3rd Industrial Revolution"

Technology has reached a point where the daily discoveries and advances are being made at such a rate it can be impossible to keep up. "3D Printing: Rise of the 3rd Industrial Revolution" explores the singularly most important technology to arrive in recent years. Going beyond the headline grabbing stories of 3D printed guns this new book by Aaron Council and Michael Petch graphically illustrates how 3D printing will change the world.

In this excellent primer on 3D printing technology the authors thoroughly examine the history, the current market and the future. Themes explored include how 3D printing is used in next-generation games consoles such as the Xbox One and how a robot can be created by combining these technologies. A discussion on the impact of 3D printing on medicine and healthcare is covered in depth, including how 3D printing will allow drugs to be downloaded from the Internet and printed using common household materials.

The philosophy behind 3D printing is examined in clear English and the authors point out how 3D printing is likely to change the current economic system for the better. The importance of the technology for the future of society and how it will create jobs in both the U.S and the developing world is given a detailed chapter. Political and social implications of 3D printing such as a reduction in materialism and even an end to conflict are all explored as by-products of this remarkable technology.

"3D Printing: Rise of the 3rd Industrial Revolution" contains thought provoking material for the experienced 3D printing enthusiast and those new to the subject alike. 3D printing is a technology that promises to change the world and provide opportunities for those who embrace it. These new opportunities and possibilities are discussed in detail within the book.

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About the Authors

Straddling the boundary between theory and practice, Aaron Council holds degrees in Open-Source architecture and Technical Welding. Based in the Pacific North West, he is the founder and CEO of the popular online community. An early adopter and participant in the nascent 3D printing sphere, Council was quick to realize the impact of this revolutionary technology and has being a key motivator and promoter of the possibilities engendered. As a writer, he has published a series of books that explore 3D printing across social, political and economic landscapes and seeks to promote discussion about the importance of this evolving technology. Most recently, Council is the author of "3D Printing: Rise of the 3rd Industrial Revolution."

Michael Petch is the CEO of Black Dog Consulting provides strategic advice, media solutions and start-up services for a range of companies operating in the new technology sphere, including crypto-currency, 3D printing and innovative mobile app developers.
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