The Hive Launches Plant-Based Meal Delivery Services and Host First Community Meal

Los Angeles, CA, March 03, 2014 --( Vegan? Vegetarian? Not either but Looking for the benefits of eating more plant based foods? Feeling Hungry? Now that the rise of health food consciousness is on the rise there are many people opting for the plant-based or Vegan diet as it has been termed. And while there are many Vegan and vegetarian restaurants to choose from throughout the city of Los Angeles, there is almost a certain void of Plant-Based food delivery services that exist in the areas as of present; but all of that is about to change.

According to Saba Hojjat and Daud Scott, founders of The Hive, “Although there are many Vegans and Vegetarians in the greater Los Angeles area, not all of them have time to go to a restaurant to eat let alone cook; many of them are business professionals and are always on the go.” It seems that this open market to provide Vegans with an organic and well-crafted meal delivered hot and fresh to their homes could not have come at a better time. This is the case because more and more people not just in Los Angeles, but many cities across the United States are opting for healthier, cleaner eating whether it is due to ethical, social or spiritual reasons, it is happening. And to share in this joyous occasion of plant-based food, The Hive hosted their first welcoming community meal. What was on the meal plan for the night? Well Asian fusion eggplant with Tofu and Persian spiced eggplant towers with sesame seeds of course.

Hojjat and Scott added, “Besides just being a fine Vegan cuisine delivery service, we feel it is also important for customers feel a sense of Spirituality when they eat our foods, we call this concept: Present Food. This is a concept that not only should the person eating the food enjoy every morsel and taste, but they should also be in the ‘present moment’ with the eating and to know that at that exact moment: it is a completely unique and sacred moment in time.” With this emphasis on mindfulness with eating and the Holistic approach to nutrition and spirituality, The Hive will definitely stand apart from other food delivery services in Los Angeles. Hojjat and Scott also pointed out “The Hive Is not only concerned with the health and welfare of Vegan’s, we want all of our food to accessible to everyone; this is just basic health! We want everyone to benefit. In addition to this we remain committed to supporting local farmers who bring you the fresh produce straight to your table.”

The Hive: Present Food will deliver fine Vegan Cuisine to your home and will even cater your special event or party for those seeking to provide plant-based foods for an event.
The Hive
Saba Hojjat & Daud Scott