Daring Dates Brings Spice and Excitement to Relationships

A new app to help couples find new and excitng ways of spending time together.

London, United Kingdom, March 07, 2014 --(PR.com)-- There is a new app that is being brought out by Aztech Films that has been designed by the same man who brought us Flappy Chappy, PainBook and Round2it, Mark Van Der Spuy. The app is called Daring Dates and is designed to be used by couples.

“Dating isn’t as easy as it used to be,” says creator, Van Der Spuy, “Trying to find time to invent exciting dates and getting to do new things with your partner is becoming harder and harder with people working longer hours, commuting times getting longer and having to find time to spend with their families.”

Daring Dates will be a free app that will come with 10 date plans and additional date plans can be bought through the app. The date plans will come with a half page which is a basic explanation of the date or information about the notes on the page. The dates are there for ideas and are dates that are repeatable, the notes that you make on them mean that each date can be customised to fit what you and your partner are both looking for.

The idea behind the Daring Dates is to help couples “communicate and to inspire some fun, some playfulness, and some great sex.” The dates are separated into two. The first half of the dates are for “her” and the second half of the dates are for “him.”

If you are looking to surprise your partner then there are dates for her/his eyes only, a date that can be picked and used to surprise you partner. Erotic surprises that then allow you to rate your partner’s efforts through the app. iOS users can expect the app towards the end of February and there are no plans yet to distribute the app on other placorms.

Daring Dates will be available through iTunes and the Apple app store for free. For more information on Aztech Films please visit www.aztechfilms.co.uk.
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