Scalada Holdings Negotiates Platinum Access Rights

Scalada Holdings, Ltd says it has negotiated the rights to a known quantity of platinum contained within millions of tons of ore in Minnesota.

Singapore, Singapore, March 05, 2014 --( Scalada Holdings, Ltd. is pleased to announce that, following several rounds of prolonged negotiations with LP Associates of Minnesota, Scalada Holdings, Ltd. has confirmed it has secured exclusive access and processing rights to millions of tons of waste granite at a quarry in the state’s northern region which has been shown to contain 1.2 ounces per ton of the precious metal, platinum.

A spokesperson for the company, said, “This was very much an opportunistic deal that we felt represented a convincing return on investment for the company. The waste granite has already been mined and crushed so as far as Scalada Holdings, Ltd. is concerned, all that remains is the devisal of the most cost-effective means by which to extract the platinum. To that end, we’re engaged in talks with a Colorado-based refiner with platinum-specific expertise.”

Platinum is chiefly used for jewelry and also in an industrial capacity in automotive catalytic converters that help to minimize harmful emissions and Scalada Holdings, Ltd. has paid an undisclosed sum to LP Associates for exclusive rights and unfettered access to the granite waste.

“While we are primarily focused on gold production through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Titan Holdings, Inc., we have been and will continue to be open to opportunities that revolve around other metals - both precious and base - provided costs can be capped and the potential for profit is suitably attractive as it is here with platinum spot prices at $1700 an ounce,” concluded the spokesperson.

Scalada Holdings, Ltd. says that, subject to the agreement of terms with a Colorado-based refiner, extraction could commence by the end of the second half of 2014.

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