eta College Fitness and Sport Revolution

Eta College introduces more scientific precision into sport conditioning and skills training programmes.

Cape Town, South Africa, March 05, 2014 --( Sporting success is about more than just natural talent. Refining an athlete’s skills to reach their full potential requires coaching of the highest calibre. eta College is South Africa’s leading course provider for sports management, coaching and fitness qualifications. Bringing a scientific approach to those that coach and teaching students to not only test your performance, but learn how to improve it.

Making sure that sporting talent is scientifically nurtured and managed to produce athletes that can confidently take on the world. eta College has implemented three new ways to reach that goal in 2014.

High Performance Testing

It’s 2014, and the technology is available to professional athletes is available to anyone serious about the improvement of their performance seriously.

eta College is extremely proud to introduce Dartfish High Performance Testing to its students in 2014. With stunning success at the 2012 London Olympics; where users of the program gathered over 400 out of a possible 962 medals at the games. The worlds’ leading video analysis software is now available to help our coaches teach more effectively, allowing their athletes to improve faster.

The best way to capture performance for strategic review and breakdown, Dartfish is used by experts around the world analyse your strengths and more importantly your weaknesses. Whether you need to refine your swing, improve your stroke or add more power to your shot. Dartfish software can be used for all team and individual sporting codes.

Speed Testing

Nothing can match pure speed. The gift that defines so many great athletes is something that needs to be harnessed and nurtured.

Different sporting codes and positions need to utilise speed differently. Which professional is the fastest in your chosen code and position? What is it that makes them so fast? Utilising speed is more than just being able to run fast. Is it lightning quick acceleration or top end pace that you require? To provide these answers to young athletes; eta College will be introducing free speed testing for grade 11 and grade 12 learners. Young athletes interested are encouraged to enquire with the eta College Rondebosch campus for dates and times as to when free testing is available.


Jamming is the reason that you can no longer avoid getting fit. Jamming, to great music, is all about having fun and spurring each other on. A method of working out that reduces the pain involved with finding the gains you want.

With a new state of the art studio that includes mirror reflection, LED stage lights, imagery projection and state of the art sound at their disposal. eta College combine Hip Hop and Kwaito to harness your groove whilst working out. Jamming can be done outdoors as well, all you need is music and a healthy love of the beat. Jamming is another product from eta College designed to get you into that healthy and happy lifestyle.

Eta College have campuses around South Africa and have expanded to both Dubai and Mauritius.

For more information regarding eta College, phone 0861-382265 or visit the website
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