Lucideon Launches Complete Tribology Service

Schenectady, NY, March 06, 2014 --( Lucideon, the international provider of materials development, testing and assurance, and formerly known as Ceram and M+P Labs, has added wear testing and debris analysis to its services for orthopaedic implant manufacturers across Europe and the US.

With the latest, gold standard AMTI and ProSim wear simulators, Lucideon can perform testing to all parts of ISO 14242 for hip and ISO 14243 for knee simulation. With an in-house machine shop to make design-specific fixtures, the process of testing new designs can be expedited.

With a wide range of analytical services at their disposal, Lucideon’s material experts can determine the relevant protocols required to meet the ISO standards, perform all the testing required and provide a comprehensive test report for regulatory submission.

As part of their tribology services, Lucideon also offers debris and wear pattern analysis. In addition to following the ASTM standard, using SEM evaluation to provide qualitative information, laser diffraction techniques are also used to gather more detailed, quantitative information such as particle size distribution, and chemical analysis is employed to understand the composition of the particles.
With advanced capabilities for surface analysis, Lucideon’s experts are also able to provide information on what is happening at the interface between materials, such as the effect that coatings have on base materials and whether wear patterns are consistent.

Gemma Budd, Business Manager, Healthcare, says:

"We now offer a complete tribology service for orthopaedic implant manufacturers. We know that performing these studies in-house can be expensive, time-consuming and complex for our clients. So we developed this new service to provide manufacturers with all the data that they need, for both regulatory submission and new product development.

"At Lucideon, we pride ourselves on not just providing numbers though, we provide solutions too. Should problems arise, we can quickly identify their root cause to prevent them from reoccurring."

Lucideon also offers materials development and characterization, regulatory approval testing packages, cleanliness validation, process troubleshooting and failure analysis, using its chemical, physical, mechanical and surface analysis capabilities.
Mandy Rymill
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