NuBody Concepts of Tennessee Announces Spring Face Tightening Special

Cosmetic Dr’s in both Nashville and Memphis, TN offer a free facial special to remove fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes on the face.

Brentwood, TN, March 07, 2014 --( The body enhancing doctors at NuBody Concepts in both Nashville and Brentwood, Tennessee now offer a free Spring facial procedure when you spend $5,250.00 or more in body enhancing procedures. When patients book their body enhancing procedure by March 31st and spend $5,250.00 or more they will be eligible to receive three free WaveSculpt procedures for the face.

The WaveSculpt procedure will tighten the facial skin, smooth the skin surface, as well as remove fine lines and wrinkles. The WaveSculpt procedure uses a tripollar radio frequency technology that safely heats tissue by passing electrical currents using electrodes at specific frequencies. Through the radio frequency both the dermis and hypodermis skin layers are affected safely to regenerate new collagen and shrink fat cells. This facial procedure can be complete in minutes and patients can resume normal activity immediately after treatment.

“We are excited to offer this body enhancing special particularly as we approach Spring. Typically this is the time of year men and women are looking to get their bodies 'bikini ready' for Summer. Now is the time to start the body enhancing process. The WaveSculpt procedure for the face is very popular especially for those who may not have time to take vacation from work. It’s a very quick, simple and safe facial enhancement that can be done in minutes. Our clients find it a relaxing way to spend their lunch hours,” explains Dr. Conner, Cosmetic Dr. at NuBody Concepts.

Patients looking to enhance or improve their arms, neck, tummy, breasts or thighs are encouraged to call NuBody Concepts to schedule a personalized consultation. NuBody has a variety of procedures to improve physical appearance and overall confidence of their patients. Cosmetic enhancing procedures such as: Botox; Aqualipo (water-assisted liposuction); DOT Therapy; NaturalFill; and NeoGraft no scar hair replacement are all gentle, easy and safe ways that NuBody can take care of problem areas and leave patients with beautiful results.

This special Spring offer for three free WaveScuplt procedures for the face is available to patients who purchase $5,250.00 in body enhancing procedures by March 31, 2014. “Patients can select from a variety and combination of body enhancing procedures. In other words, they don’t have to purchase all of the same procedure to meet the $5,250.00 investment. Each individual body type and each individual’s goals dictate a different procedure, and all procedures qualify,” states Conner.

Conner adds, “All of our procedures are widely popular with both men and women. Our NeoGraft no scar hair transplant procedure is not just for men. A growing number of women also seek hair follicle implants for a fuller head of hair. Many people seek our body enhancing services not only to look good but to also enhance their self image. We have found over the years that one’s self image is greatly improved when people look in the mirror and are pleased with what they see. These patients tend to be happier in life, have an improved relationship with their significant other and perform better in their career. We strive to help our patients improve both the way they look and the way they feel.”

NuBody Concepts offer body enhancing procedures for the breast, face, tummy, thighs, neck and arms at two convenient locations in Tennessee. Patients can visit their Brentwood, TN. office at 1187 Old Hickory Boulevard, Suite 200, Brentwood, TN 37027. NuBody Concepts’ Memphis cosmetic Dr. office is located at 2589 Appling Road, Suite 102, Memphis, TN 38133.

Men and women interested in the free WaveScuplt contouring procedure for the face are asked to call 615-229-5975 for the NuBody Concepts office in Brentwood, TN. For those who live closer to NuBody Concepts’ Memphis, TN office they are asked to call 901-235-5753. For more information about all of the body enhancing procedures available at NuBody Concepts please visit online at
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David Bernard