Demented Donut Doctor Leaves Psycho Donuts

Chef Ron Levi, the "Dr. of Donut Derangement" of Psycho Donuts fame, officially trades in his straight jacket for a chef coat.

Campbell, CA, March 08, 2014 --( Known for winning Food Network’s Donut Showdown, and for creations such as the "Dead Elvis"; a custard filled, peanut butter, jelly, bacon and banana donut, “The Danolli”; a fusion of Donut and Cannoli, and the controversial “Foie Bomb”, Chef Ron has decided that it’s time to go back to his first love of creating savory dishes.

When given an opportunity to work with Chef Charlie Ayers, the famed “Google Chef”, at his Palo Alto restaurant Calafia Café, Chef Ron knew that it was time to leave his post at the donut asylum. In a recent interview with Modern Flavors Magazine Chef Ron stated; “Is baking my first love? No, it’s my secret mistress. I love her too, but she will never be my full-time girl.”

Calafia Café and Market A-Go-Go is the manifestation of Chef Charlie Ayer’s long term vision to “go public” with the concept that he created at Google, providing wholesome, and affordable meals to a wide variety of people, from students to professionals. As a member of the Calafia team, Chef Ron is looking forward to upholding those values while letting his lighthearted personality shine through.

Chef Ron Levi can be reached at:

Calafia Café and Market A-Go-Go are located at:
Town & Country Village Suite 130
855 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA
(650) 322-9200
Chef Ron Levi
Ron Levi