Daniel Levine: Online Ordering Continues to Grow

The noted public speaker is seeing a rise in digital buying for everyday purchases.

New York, NY, March 08, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Keynote speaker and trends expert Daniel Levine is noticing a sharp upturn in the online ordering trend. Consumers are turning to their smart phones and computers to place orders instead of leaving their homes.

Digital ordering of food is way up in recent years. Pizza chains are reporting at least 40 percent of their sales are online. Food can even be ordered through video game systems now. This may not come as a surprise, thanks to online companies who specialize in facilitating takeout orders. However, other food brands are getting in on the act.

McDonald’s is developing an app that allows customers to order and pay for their food before arriving at a restaurant. Starbucks is developing the same concept. Other large-scale retailers are likely to skip the middleman and adopt their own ordering systems as well.

But this type of payment is not limited to fast food. Retail chains like Sears are adopting digital shopping and electronic payment, but with curbside pickup. It is a response to the continued dominance of online commerce.

“A generation or two ago, fast food and department stores were the definition of ease and convenience,” says noted public speaker Daniel Levine. “Now, concepts have changed. Consumers have better technology and a willingness to utilize it. Online ordering is here to stay and businesses have to adapt. That is, until the next generation of technology comes along.”

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