ccGenie’s Employee Appreciation Month Survey Shows 81% Americans Are Happy at Work

Technology is Bigger Factor than People in Office-Related Complaints; 58% Believe They Could Communicate, Collaborate and Share Better

San Francisco, CA, March 11, 2014 --( ccGenie, a new service that turns all the stuff overloading your inbox into organized, shareable content, today unveiled the results of its What Workers Want Survey for Employee Appreciation Month (March, 2014).

According to the survey, 81% of Americans employed either full or part-time are happy at their current jobs, but out of all office complaints, technology ranked higher than people. When asked about their chief complaints in the workplace, other than salary, 26% pointed to outdated technologies with computers (30%) and printers/copiers (21%) being the biggest offenders.

As for other office issues, 20% complained about little upward mobility, 15% suffered from low office morale, and 14% expressed frustration over heavy workloads. Only 11% felt they weren’t appreciated by their bosses and colleagues, 8% complained about office gossips, and 5% felt slighted by favoritism.

When asked what they desire most from their jobs, other than higher salary, survey participants responded as follows:

35%: Better work/life balance
25%: Less stress
15%: Greater job security
14%: More professional guidance
11%: More pride in their work

“We were very heartened by the results of our What Workers Want survey, which shows people are for the most part very happy with their current jobs,” said ccGenie CEO Eric Brisson. “But businesses should note that technology, already known to be a competitive driver, is also seen by employees as a key enabler of their job performance and satisfaction.”

The majority (58%) also reported their teams could do a better job of communicating, collaborating, and sharing information. Of all the communication technologies being used at work, email (68%) and voice calls (26%) are relied upon most, dwarfing the reliance on video conferencing, social media, texting, collaboration software, and even instant messaging. While 71% report not being able to work without email, respondents also indicated that the 40 year-old technology—and how it is being used—could be improved to address a wide range of complaints, including unmanageable volume (33%), delayed or no replies (23%), and difficulty in finding older messages and attachments.

“With the majority of respondents acknowledging dependence on email but calling for better workplace communication, it was encouraging to see a need for modernizing not just the tools, but how they’re being used,” Brisson added.

More than 200 employed US residents 18 years-old and over participated in ccGenie’s What Workers Want Survey, conducted online during the month of February, 2014.

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