Vistnet Boosts Protection Power Across Service Range

Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 13, 2014 --( Vistnet, one of the leading providers of DDoS protection for SMB's, is pleased to announce the introduction of it's upgraded protection packages.

Vistnet Corporation is dedicated to providing its customers with the utmost in effective protection and DDoS mitigation. In that effort the company's experts have constantly monitored different types of attacks and trends in incursion tactics. Based on the information collected and their extensive experience, the conclusion that DDoS attacks are growing on all metric parameters, was reached. High-load traffic previously considered a peak in an attack, has become a baseline for the attacks mitigated in the course of the past year.

The company's motto and the promise made to its customers is that Vistnet mitigates 99.9% of all attacks across the entire service range. In reaching this goal, the professionals involved try to outdo the competition and stay one step ahead of hackers. This is why the decision to upgrade all of the protection plans was made.

Dedicated to providing the most effective protection to all customers and throughout the entire product range, the company has decided that 1 MPPS (million packets per second) is not enough anymore. All standard offers are upgraded to the impressive 3 MPPS and up to 105 Gbps. The change has already taken place and comes with no additional charges or price changes whatsoever. Regarding the Enterprise protection plan, clients have up to 30 MPPS readily available and if this is not enough for even the most fastidious customers, additional capacities are always available by request.

Don't lose your sleep over DDoS. Vistnet is equipped and proficient in fighting all types of attacks that come in all sizes, so you can just relax and concentrate on your business.

About Vistnet :

Vistnet is a leading provider of distributed denial of service mitigation to hundreds of customers around the world. With extensive experience in dealing with DDoS attacks and dedicated professionals with more than 10 years of practice in the field, the company offers state-of-the-art solutions, constantly evolving to fit growing customer needs. The company is committed to presenting clients with an effective and stable product and unmatched service excellence.
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