Continental Disc Corporation Announces the Launch of Its Newest Product: the WMP™ Welded Muffled Plug Rupture Disc Assembly

Liberty, MO, March 13, 2014 --( The WMP™ Rupture Disc Assembly is a single use unit that is threaded into a pressure system. The rupture disc assembly is designed to relieve the pressure of the process media in an over pressure condition to protect equipment, personnel and the environment from catastrophic failure of the pressure equipment or system. It is designed for applications which discharge to atmosphere at the rupture disc location.

The WMP™ Rupture Disc Assembly is a solid metal tension acting rupture disc that is welded to a threaded outlet body and inlet ring. The outlet body has a hexagon shape head with six holes in the side of the hexagon to reduce reaction forces after the rupture disc has burst. The rupture disc is welded to the outlet body and inlet ring for a bubble-tight seal. These rupture disc assemblies are designed to be installed into a threaded port.

Benefits of the new WMP™ Rupture Disc Assembly include simple installation, not torque sensitive, welded to ensure a bubble-tight seal and that this is a single use device which is discarded after the rupture disc bursts.

The highly versatile WMP™ Rupture Disc Assembly is available with a large range of burst pressures and temperatures, and can be used in a wide range of applications in many different industries, some of which include:

Hydraulic Systems
A/C Systems
Braking Systems
High Pressure Water Cleaning Systems
Pneumatic Systems
Sample Bottle - Gas Cylinders
Test Stands
A/C Systems
Gauge Panel Protection
Over Inflation Protection

To view new WMP™ Rupture Disc Assembly product literature, visit: and click on the Literature tab.
Continental Disc Corporation
Maggie Fischer