Connecting Technology and Healthcare at the Point of Care

Over the last two years PAGE Technology Solutions has introduced several innovative solutions that enhance the use of technology by healthcare providers at the point of care. These solutions range from radiology workstations to mobile computer workstations to hygienic keyboards and mice.

Grand Rapids, MI, March 14, 2014 --( Veteran-owned small business, PAGE Technology Solutions, has introduced a variety of new product concepts designed to enhance the use and integration of technology in various healthcare related workflows.

PAGE was created with a single vision in mind: to create solutions that seamlessly integrate technology into clinical workflows and empower healthcare professionals to deliver exemplary patient care. By doing so, PAGE believes that these solutions will allow the caregivers to naturally interact with the technology and use it as a tool to interact and educate their patients during their healing process.

Utilizing years of experience working with all levels of healthcare facilities, PAGE works with clients to understand their specific needs on a department by department, facility by facility basis. This on the ground knowledge assists in providing their caregivers with technology friendly, patient-centered workflows.

The four primary healthcare related workflow categories are: Wall mounted computer workstations, mobile computer workstations, integrated technology workstations and hygienic input devices. PAGE also provides CPU carts and holders among other space saving and innovative products. Find more information about this company at, by calling 1-855-724-3552 or emailing Join the conversation on LinkedIn:
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