Searching for Kindness

Does kindness exist? Are there kind people out there among us? Has anyone out there ever been a recipient (or giver) of a random act of kindness? Triple Your Heart® wants to prove that it does (most certainly) exist. We just don't hear about it as often as we should. Now, at least the tri-state area, has a place to share and hear about the many local "Acts of Kindness" that happen all around us everyday.

Pawtucket, RI, October 03, 2007 --( Triple Your Heart®, a new online company in Rhode Island, which services the New England, Tri-State area, is currently searching for “Stories of Kindness”. Each and every month, beginning in October, 2007, Triple Your Heart® will be giving away one free Kindness Matters Award to an unsuspecting individual. These Kindness Matters Awards will be personally delivered (as a surprise) by a Triple Your Heart® Representative to the individual portrayed in the chosen winning story. This free Kindness Matters Award Deluxe Package includes a custom-made, framed Triple Your Heart® Kindness Matters Award, a Kindness Matters metal plaque, a large bouquet of balloons and a bag of kindness goodies. With permission, photographs are taken at the time of the surprise delivery, and these winning stories of kindness will be posted online within the news section of Triple Your Heart® for all visitors to read and realize that kindness does matter.

Triple Your Heart® asks that stories of kindness be submitted “secretly” on behalf of any person in your life whom you feel deserves a Kindness Matters Award. All kindness stories submitted must be true and factual. Each story submitted will be individually read, and one story from all submitted each month will be chosen as a winning story. It is asked that each winning story have a minimum of 3-5 additional individuals willing to write out a personal statement that will back up the initial story and attest to the fact of the winning individual’s true kindness. Stories of kindness may be submitted easily online through the website using a convenient online form, or sent in by email to

Kerrie Amatelli, Founder and President of Triple Your Heart ®, is a resident of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. She believes that instead of negatively complaining about the condition of our communities and the world around us, we should all concentrate our energies on becoming a part of social awareness, positive changes and becoming a strong and active force within the World Kindness Movement... instead of always waiting for “someone else” to do something. Amatelli said she strongly believes in the quote by Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” and added the statement, “Because one person most certainly can and does make a difference.”

About Triple Your Heart®

Triple Your Heart® is a company that donates (by choice) up to 50% (or more) of its advertising, membership fees, service fees and retail sales to various local, national, and international charitable, non-profit organizations that promote awareness and action on the issues of hunger, homelessness, child care, domestic abuse, animal welfare and (most importantly) environmental care and global warming. Advertisers, members and customers have the ability to choose what charitable, non-profit organization their spending dollars will go towards at their point of purchase.

Triple Your Heart® offers to the community a wide range of heartwarming services, products, and fundraisers that may be utilized by online visitors and many local non-profit organizations. This includes their very own Kindness Matters Coin/Token Fundraiser, which encourages groups and individuals to spread kindness by beginning their very own “Ripples of Kindness”, which can be tracked and followed online for years to come.

For more details and information, please visit the Triple Your Heart® website at

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