Bella Beauty College, San Antonio, Provides Advice on How to Make the Most of Cosmetology Training

San Antonio, TX, March 14, 2014 --( Bella Beauty College, which also operates as a San Antonio salon, has become one of the longest operating beauty colleges in the area. Their prestige and stylist training in both English and Spanish has led to an increase in the number of admissions and the students currently studying at the institution. In an effort to help its students to make the most of their training, Bella Beauty College is offering advice to guide them during the course of their study.

“Stylist training is very different from traditional learning. It is an entirely hands-on experience,” said Gracie King, a Bella Beauty College master nail technician and trainer. “We find that most of our students who have traditional secondary education backgrounds struggle at first in a salon training environment. You need to be self-motivated and engaged to get the most out of your training in this industry. This is definitely not a passive environment.”

The innovative teaching methods at Bella Beauty College and San Antonio Salon serve to emulate the professional experience within the classroom setting, and many students find that intimidating at first.

Bella Beauty College makes sure that their students are prepared for the real world and demand professionalism from them in the classroom. This helps students ultimately transition from being a student to becoming a professional stylist. Creating this environment helps students strengthen their skills in a controlled environment where they can more easily rectify any mistakes. In the real world, these mistakes have more implications like a lost client or job.

Perfect attendance and punctuality are two traits that the San Antonio Salon stresses as part of their training regimen. This creates discipline that will hopefully carry through to the real world.

“The beauty industry has always been competitive and if students lack the motivation to keep at their training, they likely won’t succeed in a salon profession,” said Linda Colwell, Bella Beauty College CEO. “We need to see motivation in our students in order to make sure that they take the same with them in the professional world.”

King also suggests that students benefit greatly from helping others that don’t have the same skills as them. This fosters camaraderie and helps deepen their learning.

“Students need to realize that they are not like everyone else. Each one comes to us with a unique skill set and they need to identify their strengths at an early stage,” King said. “If they’re not good at hair, then their strengths may lie in nails or skincare. The key is to find what you’re good at and work with your teachers closely to hone your skill set until you are an expert at something.”

The last major trait that the San Antonio Beauty College stresses and helps students hone is their listening skills. Listening in the classroom is a start to be successful, however, the skill is really put to the test with customers. “Many times a customer doesn’t know what they want and find it hard to articulate it to their stylist,” King said. “It’s a nurturing process that takes time and clients have to build trust in their stylist. And it starts with a conversation.”

Bella Beauty College is offering this advice with the intention that prospective students have a full understanding of what is expected of them during their beauty school education, as well as in their cosmetology careers. “We need our students to be successful in their training,” Colwell said. “When we turn out cosmetology professionals who are well educated, confident and ready for their careers, it reflects back on the job we have done as educators.”

About Bella Beauty College
Bella Beauty College is one of the most prestigious beauty training facilities in San Antonio and has been providing services in five locations for almost 30 years. Training and salon locations include Austin North, Austin South, San Antonio, Waco, and Corpus Christi.

Courses are currently provided for hair, skin and nails in both English and Spanish. Night classes are also provided for convenience and flexibility of working students.

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