2014 Forecast – Hiring in Aviation

Fort Worth, TX, March 14, 2014 --(PR.com)-- JSfirm.com, an online aviation only job board, is pleased to release the 5th Annual Hiring Trends Survey. Jeff Richards, JSfirm.com Manager said, "This annual survey has proven to be accurate in past years at forecasting the hiring trends and is highly anticipated by the aviation industry."

In summary:
· 400 aviation companies across various sectors were surveyed
· 91% will hire in 2014 (up from 85% in 2013)
· Skilled maintenance technicians will be in highest demand
· April, May, and June will likely see the most hiring
· 78% are projecting growth in 2014 (up from 67% in 2013)
· 69% experienced an attrition rate of 10% or less
· The #1 employee retention tool is "Recognition and Appreciation"

If you would like to download the complete survey results, please go to:
Jeff Richards