Unusual Products Are Now Being Marketed Towards Children

The trends collective reports growth in this specific sector.

New York, NY, March 15, 2014 --(, the leading trends collective, is noting a growing number of trends geared towards children.

“We are seeing a huge number of products and services that are geared towards children,” says a spokesperson. “However, these are not traditional products, and that is a reflection of an interesting trend.”

The travel industry is targeting services for children in order to draw in their parents. Airlines are offering nannies in the first-class section of their planes to entertain children in-flight. Hotels are offering the use of high-end strollers and programs like “young entrepenuers” as part of overnight packages. These services are often catered towards high-earning parents and are only offered in five star hotels and luxury seating.

Additionally, products for adults– like pole-dancing lessons and smart watches are now being repackaged for children. Perfume for newborn babies is now on the market as well. Prices on these items may vary, but they are all vanity products- not necessities.

“This trend is very interesting- and deeply psychological,” says the spokesperson. “It is a reflection of parents wanting the best for their children, even if it seems extravagant or unnecessary. Companies seem to be taking advantage of this by trying to attract adult customers, not advertising towards children. These companies are simply giving parents what they want.”

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