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Survey Shows Home Medical Equipment Tops This Year’s Christmas List

The Greatest Gift For The Greatest Generation Might Just be His & Her Scooters

Hollister, CA, October 04, 2007 --( A recently completed survey of top selling gifts shows that baby boomer children are buying home medical equipment for their parents. The informal survey drawn from Brannons Medical, a leading Northern California home medical equipment provider revealed that Mobility Scooters and Reclining Lift Chairs are topping the Christmas Lists for baby boomers.

“It is really a case of “what do you get someone that has everything - but also has trouble getting around?” a Brannons spokesperson said. “We have already seen the early Christmas shoppers realizing that there is a whole new set of potential Christmas gifts available for their parents.”

The top 3 products leading the list include:

1. His and Her Scooters. A pair of 3 or 4 wheel walkers outfitted with baskets and other accessories can be had for less than $2,100.

2. Reclining Lift Chairs with Heated Massage. You would never know these chairs had lift mechanisms built into them. They come in a full range of colors and materials. A modestly equipped chair will cost about $1,000.

3. Light Weight Companion Chairs. Companion chairs offer an alternative to the much heavier wheel chairs because they do not have the heavy wheels and bars for self propulsion. A range of colors and designer fabrics are available. Prices range from $269 - $325.

While the notion of home medical equipment as a Christmas gift may surprise some, others see it as a way of giving a loved one something that will really increase their quality of life. “This allows people to be independent, mobile and safe - -what better gift is there?” said Michael Brenneman, Brannons' Customer Service Representative.

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