Indodrill, Award-Winning Group Promoting Safe & Efficient Drilling Operations

Group Managing Director of Indodrill, John Horne, emphasizes the company’s commitment to safety operations and their plans for the year 2014.

Singapore, Singapore, June 03, 2014 --( International drilling group, Indodrill, highlights its efforts and goals to ensure consistently safe, reliable and efficient drilling operations. In a Resource Journal interview the Group Managing Director of Indodrill, John Horne, emphasizes the company's safety culture.

“Safety is such an important factor, especially for large international mining companies such as BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto; it’s the first thing they look at. They will always look at the contractor’s safety record, and we have demonstrated our ability to operate safely year after year.”

Indodrill is dedicated to guaranteeing safety by using practical methods for preventing potential risks and incidents in every aspect of their operations. This includes supervision in handling, storage & transportation of substances; providing comprehensive health and safety training to all personnel; application of environmental management systems; and risk management.

Indodrill clearly demonstrates their safety practices through their audited 6.5+ million man hours without lost time injury (LTI). It has also received numerous recognitions from the Philippine Mine Safety and Environmental Association (PMSEA) for their work on Gold Field Limited’s Agata Project. The awards include the 2010 Platinum Achievement Award – Presidential Mineral Industry Environmental Award – Mineral Exploration and the 2010 Safest Exploration Award.

Indodrill is a trusted name and reliable provider of drilling and support services and has been recognized throughout the industry for adopting the most modern drilling technology. Indodrill mostly manufactures its own rigs which are designed according to clients’ specifications.

Among these notable rigs is the ID 1800H, which is believed to be the largest Heli-portable rig in the world with a deep-hole capacity of up to 700PQ, 1200HQ, 1800NQ and 2000BQ.

There is also the Sandvik DE150 drill which is considered as the largest depth capacity underground drill rig in the world.

A partnership alliance with Geosonic Drilling Scotland was announced in June 2013 that has expanded Indodrill’s drilling expertise. Aside from conventional core, reverse circulation, directional drilling and wedging, the company now offers geosonic drilling.

John Horne also gave his comments on the current market status of the mining industry describing it as “the most horrible year in the past 20 for the drilling and mining industry.” During 2012 and 2013, numerous major projects were put on hold as a result of the global mining sector being at a low. But despite of what has happened during the previous year, the company is hopeful that business will improve in 2014. In fact, the company has plans to expand their global reach and strengthen their reputation worldwide.

“Our goal for 2014 is to get more of our current drill rig fleet out working, and we’ll also be looking into expanding into Africa, Europe and the Middle East.”

As Indodrill continues to expand, the company is committed to build a name that is known for its commitment in putting quality and safety at the forefront of its operations.

“We want people to hear ‘Indodrill’ and to think of a quality product and quality service,” John Horne ended.

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