With Spotting Scopes Anyone Can Have a Super Vision

Manly, Australia, March 21, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Australia’s favorite optics retailer Procular announces their new range of spot-ting scopes today. But what exactly is a spotting scope? Procular experts share their views on these exciting new products.

We all know what binoculars are and how to use them. But spotting scopes are an unfamiliar word to most of us. If you ever wanted to achieve a “super vision” then a spotting scope would be the way to go.

Procular’s marketing manager Harry Golden explains, “Spotting scopes have been used by avid hunters and birdwatchers for years. We are now proud to offer them to the Australian public and guide them on how to select the best models for the best prices.”

Harry says, “Binoculars are a handy instrument to see things closer. They usually magnify by 6 to 20 times. Spotting scopes on the other hand are small telescopes designed for land viewing. They can normally magnify by 20 to 60 times and even up to 100 times. Spotting scopes are remarkably powerful tools for long distance viewing.”

With the launch of Procular’s new range of spotting scopes they have also published expert buyer guides. The guides, available on the Procular website, explain what spotting scopes are, how they can be used and how to choose the right one.

About Procular
Procular is an Australian online retailer specializing in spotting scopes, binoculars, telescopes and optics. Their website offers professional advice on choosing spotting scopes and optics for bird watching, hunting, marine, travel and outdoor activities.

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