Financial Planning Association of Florida Supports HB 367 Financial Literacy Instruction in the Public Schools

Tallahassee, FL, March 21, 2014 --( The Financial Planning Association of Florida, representing over 1,200 members in Florida, is supporting Florida House Bill 367 as a state initiative to bring personal finance education to students.

With studies showing nearly half of all students in Florida lack basic money managing skills, legislators in Tallahassee have filed a new bill designed to improve students' knowledge of basic personal finance. House Bill 367 would require every high school student to take what's being called a "financial literacy" course before graduating.

This comes after a study by the state Council on Economic Education found that almost half of all high school seniors in Florida lack a basic understanding of common financial issues.

“Today, students face more complicated financial choices than any previous generation and need exposure to basic financial skills as they grow into independent young adults,” said Michael Zmistowski, Chairman of FPA of Florida. “We want a robust course of study in personal financial planning that can help ensure that students can make successful, smart money decisions in their own lives. All good parents want this for their children.”

House Bill 367 has been introduced by Representative Heather Fitzenhagen, Ft. Myers, FL and Representative Manny Diaz, Jr., Hialeah, FL. The bill provides that credit requirements for high school graduation and standard diploma include a separate course in financial literacy.

“Since 1992 I’ve taught six graders simple financial planning and they get it. What is surprising is their level of ignorance about money because so many parents have not given them the training they deserve. We need to put this in the schools, now. Our FPA members are pleased to support Representatives Fitzenhagen and Diaz’ proposed legislation because it’s a real call to action to protect our children’s future,” said Zmistowski.
Financial Planning Association of Florida
Phil Herzberg