Lookupthis.com Redefines Online Bookmarking

When LookupThis started this service, they visualized the need for online bookmarking and lookupthis.com continues to serve that need effectively.

Mumbai, India, January 15, 2006 --(PR.com)-- LookupThis is glad to announce the official relaunch of Online Bookmarking Service on www.lookupthis.com

LookupThis provides a simple and clutter free interface for people to search the web and store their favorite links to the online bookmarks database.

The USP of Lookupthis.com is it's simplicity and privacy. It does not ask for personal information of members at the time of registration and one can create as many User Ids as they want. For Free.

LookupThis.com encourages people to bookmark only the most useful and creative net resources something which they can reflect back later on from anywhere, anytime.

The LookupThis Online Gallery is a showcase of interesting net resources organized in a photo gallery format with links. These links are reviewed by our web expert editors and posted on the gallery for the benefit of visitors.

Lookupthis.com aims to provide a platform for searching for information on the net and save your time.

Gurudatt Shenoy