Virginia Veterinary Medical Association Presents 2014 Animal Hero Award to Service Dog

“Seth The Wonder Dog” Receives 2014 Annual Hero Award at Annual Virginia Veterinary Conference

Roanoke, VA, March 22, 2014 --( The Virginia Veterinary Medical Association (VVMA) has announced that the 2014 Animal Hero award was presented to “Seth the Wonder Dog,” a service canine to Sarah Connor, at the annual Virginia Veterinary Conference on Feb. 28. The annual award is presented to an animal that has performed an individual act of service or heroism, or that has, in performing his or her daily duties, provided an outstanding service to humans.

After suffering from a grand mal seizure in high school, Connor was diagnosed with epilepsy. She started to have severe muscle deterioration along with uncontrollable seizures, but when she was matched with Seth, he was able to predict her behaviors. Through Seth’s assistance, Connor regained the previous daily routine that her illness had taken away. Seth has never failed at alerting his master when a seizure is about to occur. This gives her the ability to lie in a safe space, preventing the chance of bodily injury. With Seth by her side Connor says that she feels confident to pursue hobbies such as kayaking and running.

“Seth is a loyal and invaluable canine with a keen sense of awareness, and we are happy to announce that he is our 2014 Animal Hero,” said Terry Taylor, D.V.M., VVMA president-elect. “With his ability to protect Sarah and transform her quality of life, Seth is very deserving of this award and we are extremely proud of his inspiring service efforts.”

“I am extremely grateful for having a wonderful service dog,” said Connor. “Seth has become a trusted friend and invaluable partner who has helped me overcome epilepsy and pursue my daily and life goals.”

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