Market is Booming Say 47% of NSW's Best Agents

Sydney, Australia, March 23, 2014 --( “Leading agents around the country have confirmed that the Australian property market has started 2014 with a bang. In NSW 47% of agents surveyed said their local market was booming, followed by 24% in WA and 17% in VIC and the ACT.”

“We may however be nearing the peak of the property market cycle, with agents from NSW, VIC and WA expecting growth rates to moderate during 2014.”

“Interestingly agents confirmed what few men will acknowledge, that women call the shots on one of life’s big decisions. Eight times as many agents witness women as the dominant decision maker over their male counterparts. This one finding was fairly consistent across the country,” says Which Real Estate Agent’s Managing Director Thomas Roberts.

Every six months Which Real Estate Agent surveys Australia’s best real estate agents to gauge their views on the Australian property market. The 155 agents surveyed are leading agents from Australia’s major population centres and are estimated to have assisted more than 10,000 property owners and interacted with over 400,000 potential buyers during the course of 2013.

Selective findings:

· Almost half (47%) of NSW agents said their local market was booming followed by 23% in WA and 17% in VIC. However this fell to 18%, 12% and 9% respectively when asked if it would continue in 2014.

· Agents forecast increased growth in ACT, QLD, SA and TAS but their colleagues in NSW, VIC and WA are less bullish on 2014 than 2013.

· Women call the shots when selling real estate – 32% of Australia’s top agents see women as the primary decision maker when selling property versus only 4% of agents see males taking charge. The remainder of agents witness a collaborative effort.

· Agents are among Australia’s hardest working professionals, despite their generally negative reputation – the average survey respondent works more than 60 hours per week, putting them amongst the top 10% of Australians for hours worked according to the ABS.

· Ignore the seasons, the best time to sell is when convenient – while 21% of agents think spring is the best season in which to sell, the overriding recommendation by 27% of agents is to sell when convenient.

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