Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP) Market – Diapers Driving Growth: Trends & Opportunities (2013-18) – New Report by Daedal Research

The report titled “Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP) Market – Diapers Driving Growth: Trends & Opportunities (2013-18)” provides a detailed insight into the market dynamics and various trends and opportunities associated with the global superabsorbent market.

New Delhi, India, March 26, 2014 --( The report analyzes the global demand and supply of superabsorbent polymer and outlines the major factors driving and restraining the superabsorbent demand in the global market. Further, the report captures the global market share of SAP based on major players, end market application and regional production and consumption. The report also covers the domestic markets of North America, Europe, China and Japan. The report concludes with a brief discussion of major factors driving the global superabsorbent market and profiling of major SAP manufacturers like BASF, Evonik, Nippon Shokubai and Sumitomo.

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Executive Summary

Superabsorbent Polymer or SAP, a granular material that has the capability to absorb large amount of water or aqueous solution, is witnessing higher rate of growth because of its growing usage in the personal disposable products like baby diapers, female hygiene and adult incontinence products. Also, because of its capability to absorb water or aqueous solution up to 50 times of its own weight, SAP is also finding wide variety of usage in agriculture, construction, entertainment and personal care industry as well.

Growing urbanization, rising consumer expenditure and disposable income in developing countries along with the growing population of both adults and infants in developed and emerging countries have played a crucial role in driving and expanding the supply and demand of superabsorbent polymer across the world. In addition, technological advancement has facilitated the usage of superabsorbent polymer to many other end-market applications.

Diaper market is the largest end market application for Superabsorbent Polymer Market and hence driving the demand of the polymer in the recent years. Every year almost 80% of the SAP production is dedicated to the manufacturing of diapers worldwide. Besides baby diapers which are witnessing sustained growth, demand for adult diapers is increasing at a higher rate because of the growing number of cases of adult incontinence. On a global basis, current market scale and growth rates suggest that diapers will remain a bigger business for superabsorbent polymer manufacturers.

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