Goff’s Curtain Walls Introduces a New Product Range of Noise Curtains

Goff’s Launches New Noise Curtains That Provide Temporary Soundproof Solutions for Industrial Units.

Pewaukee, WI, March 26, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Offering a range of temporary dividers and doors to factories, warehouses, and other industrial applications, Goff's has become a leading name in the industrial space separation business. Since its humble beginnings that date back to 1985 as a small-scaled side business, the company has grown and developed in its nearly 30 years of existence; providing temporary barrier solutions for a wide range of industries. The company has now launched its line of noise curtains that provide a temporary, yet decibal-reducing means of creating barriers in large and loud work environments. The Goff Noise Curtains are unique in that they are able to collapse in a “fanfold” configuration, enabling the user to draw the Noise Curtain into use when needed, yet push it out of the way when not.

“Goff’s aims to provide nothing but the best quality of curtains, screens, and doors for noise protection, space separation, and climate containment requirements,” said a company spokesperson. He further said, “We offer a large variety of curtains made from vinyl and other materials. We even design customized walls and doors according to particular industry needs for our valued clientele.”

There are many garages, warehouses, and other production units where loud noises can disrupt the manufacturing process. It is often impossible for companies to allocate separate areas in their business vicinities for noise sensitive operations. To ease this difficulty of managing and containing high frequency noises, Goff's created and introduced its top quality sound curtains that are durable, convenient, and can prevent sounds of up to 45db from being heard outside the range of the barrier. To learn more about Goff’s products, visit www.goffscurtainwalls.com.

Noise curtains have become quite a necessity in a number of professional environments where loud manufacturing processes take place. For automotive garages and other such areas, welding and repair work can easily take place in a noise sensitive environment with the help of a sound curtain that not only provides a division to the overall workspace but also keeps the noise levels in check by preventing them from penetrating beyond the screen. For government offices where confidential information needs to be discussed, a sound curtain can ensure that privacy is maintained and conversations are heard by concerned personnel only.

The noise curtains manufactured by Goff’s Curtain Walls are designed in a fan folding style for easy opening and closing mechanism. The curtains are also installed onto tracks to enable smooth movement and can be mounted from the ceiling and walls, or left free standing within the required space. The convenient and durable mechanism of fan folding allows for lesser use of space and the curtain can be reduced to 5% of its overall width when closed.

Warehouses, factories, garages and other businesses are rapidly realizing the importance of optimizing their business locations and with the help Goff’s screens, one large location can easily be converted into smaller offices and workspaces where a large array of processes can take place at once.

Goff’s offers its noise curtains in several colors and designs, and most of these are customized and made to order, developed solely according to the requirements of their clients. Providing a range of curtains and screens that can be used to divide and compartmentalize large working areas into separate sectors, Goff’s is leading the industry with its high quality and innovative products.

About Goff’s Curtain Walls
When they first started in 1985, Goff’s curtains were primarily used by the co-founder Bob Goff, as a means of separating workspaces in their autobody garage in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Current President and son of Bob Goff, Tony, is also one of the founders of the business that has been with the company from since its earliest day.

The company initially started in a garage and as time gave boom to it, it eventually moved to its current location, which is a 67,000 square foot facility. Today, Goff’s Curtain Walls has diversified its range of products, including noise curtains, sound screens, welding curtains and screens, strip doors, vinyl and portable doors, climate-controlling curtains, and a lot more.

As part of the service industry, Goff’s provides assistance to auto repair shops, the aviation industry, manufacturing and production units, welding and the building industry, etc. To learn more about their services and products, go to www.goffscurtainwalls.com or use the contact information below to talk to a representative.

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