SharePractice Launches Social Medical Reference App Giving Clinicians Power to Share and Rate Peers’ Treatment Knowledge

After raising $1.3 million in seed funding, the free iOS Smartphone app allows doctors to ‘publish’ findings, generate feedback, review conventional therapies, and incorporate new medicines into a collective knowledge base.

San Francisco, CA, March 26, 2014 --( More than 5,000 clinicians nationwide are already utilizing the newest breakthrough in modern collaborative medicine: SharePractice, the social medical platform for practicing healthcare professionals to connect and share knowledge, launched today after receiving $1.3 million in seed funding and finalizing its iOS app.

Downloading the SharePractice app allows practitioners in any field of medicine to access and search thousands of diagnoses, as well as gain insight into the preferred ways to treat any illness based on the real experience of other medical doctors. Via the platform, doctors can share their favored treatment methods and ‘rate’ their peers’ entries, ultimately influencing others’ decisions and enhancing their own reputation throughout the medical community.

“When it comes to treatments for medical conditions, other ‘competing’ platforms are either not social or not clinical; SharePractice is both,” said SharePractice Co-Founder, Dr. Andrew Brandeis. “SharePractice is the only app available for doctors today that allows them to apply a principle they use in their personal lives -- peer-sourced recommendations -- to enhance their treatment choices in their professional lives. Our goal for SharePractice is to raise the standard of patient care.”

As a physician at a top medical clinic in San Francisco, Dr. Brandeis has been using a myriad of tools to share knowledge and experience with his peers and mentors since medical school. As his practice and knowledge base grew, so did a pool of clinical pearls that he shared with approximately 30 other doctors.

Within a year, more than 10,000 treatment options were amassed, based on the informed opinions of doctors, and the group knew there were other doctors who would likely be interested in a more efficient way to share their experience.

With deep backgrounds in healthcare technology, Dr. Brandeis and his co-founder Benoit Carrier decided to create SharePractice. Benoit, previously chief architect of a PHR and medical ontology system, envisioned a smart system that structured and shared doctors’ experience at the point of care.

From that, SharePractice was designed as a mobile experience for use on iOS devices and debuted at TC DISRUPT in 2013, acquiring users who have since mobilized SharePractice to find preferred treatments for their patients.

SharePractice has raised $1.3 million in seed funding from leading Silicon Valley seed and healthcare investors, including Founders Fund, China Rock and Scrum Ventures. The funding is being used to expand the team and further accelerate the growth of SharePractice’s core technologies, with the goal of helping millions of medical professionals conveniently find the best treatments for their patients’ disorders.

“While we have been testing the fully functioning app with real doctors up until this point, the updates and changes we have implemented for the official launch is taking our features and user experience to the next level,” said Dr. Brandeis. “Functions such as the ‘My Practice’ feature offers a knowledge base for doctors to aggregate their contributions over time and is searchable by other practitioners as well. Inherently, the content is dynamic and becomes more rich every day.”

According to the founders, SharePractice is tailored as a tool for any healthcare provider who constantly strives to optimize patient outcomes and wants to learn from others’ experiences and alternative approaches. The app is targeted at both newer doctors who crave expertise, as well as veteran doctors and mentors who have experiences and information to share.

“As a human being, you have the curiosity to explore and get the best information and opinions, warranting the best results. But as a medical professional, there is not a means to apply this in the day-to-day medical practice. This inconsistency perpetuates an outdated model of care and prevents physicians from being at the top of their game,” said Dr. Brandeis. “That's why SharePractice pushes the treatment model beyond the ‘standard of care’ and helps users be ‘in the know.’ By closing the gap between how collaboration is used, we accelerate the pursuit of providing excellent care, and help health care providers resist settling for status quo.”

For more information about SharePractice, visit the website at or download the SharePractice App in the App Store. For updates and news, follow SharePractice on Facebook and Twitter.

About SharePractice

SharePractice: Experienced Based Medicine

Besides traditional standard of care treatments, SharePractice draws on an array of public and privately available quality indicators to rank every medical treatment. SharePractice analyzes data that most doctors either do not have access to or will not have the time to research each time they are in search of a treatment. Some of the key quality indicators analyzed include:

● FDA approved drug labels
● Social validation and ranking
● Doctor Comments
● PUBMed articles and research

The free social medical reference that connects clinicians to share and store their experience at the point of care is currently available for any iOS-compatible device.

With the most recent seed round raising $1.3 million, SharePractice brought in an abundant mix of health and consumer web investors led by Founders Fund and China Rock. Notable Investors include: Founders Fund, Base VC, Scrum Ventures, China Rock and Lloyd Taylor.

For more information about SharePractice, visit the website at or download the SharePractice App in the App Store.
Gisela Michan