Vermont Non-Profit Joins Fight Against California’s Historic Drought

Vermont based non-profit helps connect individuals suffering from California's historic drought with dowsers in their local area. The need for water has never been greater in America's fruit and vegetable mecca, California, and The American Society of Dowsers is rising to meet this pressing need.

Danville, VT, March 26, 2014 --( “Dowsing works best when based on need not greed,” teaches longtime dowser John Wayne Blassingame. That need is strongly felt in California today and the call to action is felt all the way in Northeastern Vermont. The American Society of Dowsers is a national non-profit headquartered in Danville, VT with local chapters across the country. Dowsers find water using their intuition, simple tools, and the right questions. It is an ancient skill used by civilizations all over the world in search of life giving water. ASD and its nearly 2000 members are dedicated to keeping that practice alive.

“I fielded multiple calls this week from the Los Angeles area alone,” reports Jax Willey, bookstore manager at ASD headquarters. “Skeptics say that dowsers find water by chance because of the amount of ground water that is abundant almost anywhere, but I want to point out this isn’t the case in California right now. Drilling a 500 foot dry well can really cost you!”

With nine chapters in California, ASD has a strong West coast presence and members are ready to assist. Dowsers tend to be open and giving people who genuinely want to share their gift with humanity. “Dowsing is a way to use your intuitive part of your nature to find things that you couldn’t normally do otherwise,” says John Wayne Blassingame, a Vermont chapter president and professional water dowser.

The small Northeast Kingdom office is working "to the max" according to Blair Wolston, operations manager for ASD. “This time of year is usually busy as we prepare for the National Convention in June, but the increase in calls from people looking for dowsers in California is certainly a priority of late.” Along with individual requests, journalists seek interviews with dowsers and more information about the efforts of ASD around the globe. A press kit can be found online at

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